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Ababu Namwamba Biography

Ababu Namwamba was conceived on 23rd December 1975 in Jinja, Uganda. He is a Kenyan legal advisor and government official, who is the previous individual from parliament for Budalangi voting demographic (2007 – 2016). He is a Public Interest Attorney gaining practical experience in global human rights and established law.

Ababu Namwamba Education

He holds a Master of Laws Degree (LLM) in International Law from American University’s Washington College of Law;

Holds a Honors Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Nairobi and

He has a Diploma in Legal Practice from the Kenya School of Law.

He later joined Kolanya Boys High School in Teso North,

He was an understudy at Port Victoria Mixed Primary School.

Ababu Namwamba Early Career

Ababu Namwamba began off under the capable tutelage of the late famous established legal advisor, Dr. Oki Ooko Ombaka at the Public Law Institute (PLI). In 2002, he established The Chambers of Justice, a Public Interest Trust he would lead as Chief Counsel until the point when 2007, nearby his own law office – Ababu Namwamba Attorneys-at-Law.

He shone in national spotlight in 2004 when he won a point of interest fight in court in which his customer, a Kenyan-conceived Pakistani had been wrongfully blamed for fear mongering. It was the main instance of its kind in Kenya. Ababu had officially made a name in 2003 when he secured a memorable administering in an established case that attested the privilege of youngsters living with HIV/AIDS to go to government funded schools free. He documented the case for Chambers of Justice and Nyumbani Children’s Home after two schools in Ngong’ and Karen banned Children from Nyumbani for their HIV status. This case won Ababu universal recognition, winning him the 2004 Global Justice Award which he got in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He would later likewise be accepted onto the move of Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum in 2009. Furthermore, as Counsel for Swiss national, Marianne Brynner, Ababu was again in the general population eye in 2004/5 as he assumed a focal part in the last test into the secretive demise of previous Kenyan Foreign Affairs Minister, the late Dr. Robert Ouko.

In this period, he was dynamic on the universal campaigning circuit, firmly pushing for worldwide human rights, reasonable exchange practices and obligation help for Africa through stages like the World Social Forum in such far flung corners of the globe as Mumbai, India and Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Ababu Namwamba was a consistent feature writer with the Sunday Nation amid a holiday spell in Washington DC. He would later move to the Sunday Standard, for who he keeps on penning a week by week political investigation segment.

In 2003, he started Ababu Namwamba Foundation (ANF), a private philanthropy that backings the training of many youthful Kenyans the nation over. Ababu calls ANF his “payback” to Kenya, having been a recipient of Jomo Kenyatta Foundation in secondary school.


Ababu Namwamba Political Career

While at the college of Nairobi Ababu Namwamba was chosen as the gathering pioneer at the University of Nairobi. In 2002 he joined the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and functioned as a volunteer for the NARC coalition’s effective 2002 decision offer that saw Kibaki chose Kenya’s third President. He stayed dynamic in LDP exercises incorporating into the Diaspora amid his postgraduate investigations In USA.

In 2006 he joined Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and competed for Budalangi parliamentary seat amid the 2007 general elction on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party ticket and he won.He was Parliamentary Secretary of the ODM from 2008 to 2013, and filled in as Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs from 2012 until the ODM lost office in the 2013 race.

Amid the 2013 general elction he recover his Budalangi parliamentary seat. For the 2013 races, Ababu molded and brilliantly marshaled two national bleeding edge political units, ODM-Reloaded and CORD-Effect which caught the political creative energy countrywide, prompting him being purified through water ‘General’, a brand he gladly bears todate.

In 2014 he took the persuasive position of ODM Secretary General. He held the situation until the point when July 2016 when he surrendered refering to inner damage and dissatisfaction that had made it unthinkable for him to viably execute the order of his office.

Ababu Namwamba propelled his own particular gathering, Labor Party of Kenya, and since September 2016 he has been the pioneer of the Labor Party. In March 2017 the Labor Party declared that it would bolster the presidential application of Uhuru Kenyatta in the race of August 2017.

Amid the 2017 general decision he competed for Budalangi parliamentary seat yet was degeated by Raphael Wanjala who was vieing on an ODM party ticket he garned 12,339 votes against Namwamba’s 10,550 votes.

Ababu Namwamba Achievements

Ababu Namwamba has set up a recognized profile as a fine official, achieved debater and valiant protector of truth, equity, and the general population intrigue. His loyalty to the fact of the matter is tied down on Mahatma Gandhi’s showing that “a mistake does not progress toward becoming truth by reason of duplicated engendering, nor does truth move toward becoming blunder since no one sees it. Truth stands, regardless of whether there be no open help. It is self-maintained.” Ababu Namwamba holds the record of the most elevated number of fruitful Motions in the tenth Parliament.

He has changed the fortunes of Budalang’i from an up to this point backwater surge attacked land to a regarded flourishing body electorate, winning the love of his voters. His rule as Sports and Youth Affairs Minister will be associated with the achievement in at last sanctioning the since quite a while ago wanted Sports Act and taking off of the National Youth Council. In December 2012, he was presented the national respect of Elder of the Golden Heart (EGH) by President Mwai Kibaki. In 2009, he had been voted a “Youthful Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum, joining a selective move of respect of the world’s best youthful pioneers. In 2003, Ababu won the Jubilee Global Award for Social Justice in acknowledgment of his worldwide human rights work.

In the circles of the lawful calling, Ababu Namwamba is among pioneers in broad daylight intrigue prosecution for the voiceless and helpless. He snatched national consideration in 2004 when he won a historic point fight in court in which his customer, a Kenyan-conceived Pakistani, was wrongfully blamed for fear based oppressor exercises. It was the principal instance of its kind in Kenya. Ababu had officially made a name in 2003 when he secured a memorable governing in a protected case that avowed the privilege of youngsters living with HIV/AIDS to go to state funded schools free. He recorded the case for The Chambers of Justice and Nyumbani Children’s Home after two schools in Ngong and Karen banished kids from Nyumbani by virtue of their wellbeing status. As Counsel for Swiss national Marianne Bryner, Ababu was again in people in general eye in 2004/5 as he assumed a focal part in the last test into the strange demise of the late Dr. Robert Ouko. The Hubert Humphrey Fellow/Fulbright Alumni was a torch understudy pioneer at the University of Nairobi, where he additionally led the Kenya Law Students Society (KLSS). He has met and connected with top world pioneers, including previous UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan and US President Barack Obama.

Ababu Namwamba Inspiration

Ababu Namwamba says God and his family are the focal point of his universe, and draws incredible motivation from his mom Agatha and his quick affectionate group of spouse Prisca and their four youngsters. He is driven by “Conviction, genuineness and a honest to goodness adore for the general population I serve, at whatever point, wherever. You got the opportunity to remain for something, or you will succumb to anything!” he jokes. Never one to timid far from a test, he draws motivation from symbols like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, and obviously his political guides, Jaramogi and Raila Odinga.

Because of the inquiry with reference to why he faces be meant something negative for all chances, he cites Abraham Lincoln: “To stay quiet when you should talk makes quitters of men”. Furthermore, for what reason does he want to walk where none has challenged tread? He draws his answer from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Don’t go where the way leads, go rather where there is no way and leave a trail”, and finishes up with this line from George Bernard Shaw: “A few people see things that are, and inquire as to why, yet I long for things that never were, and inquire as to for what reason not”! The explanation behind his inclination to zest legislative issues with a touch of scholarly flavor? He reacts with a diamond from Galileo Galilee: “I don’t feel obliged to trust that a similar God who has invested us with sense, reason and keenness has proposed us to forego their utilization!”

Ababu Namwamba Family; Parents, Wife, Children.

His folks are Mama Agatha Maina Namwamba and the late Peter Namwamba Lwecheche, of the broad Abamulembo family. Ababu is hitched to Prisca and is a father of four: Nkosi, Lulu, Tanya-Helena and Ababu Junior ‘Che.


Ababu Namwamba Hobbieso

Ababu Namwamba adores playing and watching soccer. At the point when not scoring objectives for Bunge FC, he watches his appreciated Arsenal of the English Premier League (he maintains to be a “Heavy weapons specialist for Life!”). He likewise appreciates planting, nature investigation, perusing and composing. He is generally voyage, and has gone by practically all parts of Kenya, and also such differing parts of the world as USA, India, Britain,France among others

Ababu Namwamba Heads:

  1. Seat of Public Accounts Committee (PAC)
  2. Seat of Justice and Legal Affairs Committee.
  3. Seat of historic point Parliamentary Select Committee on cost living
  4. He was a co-seat, together with Mandera Central’s Hon Abdikadir Mohamed, the notable Parliamentary Select Committee on Constitution Review (PSC) that midwifed the introduction of Kenya’s new Constitution.
  5. He seats Accountability Kenya, an enlisted non-benefit umbrella body that champions responsibility in the utilization of open assets.
  6. From 2013, he tied down the African Organization of Public Accounts Committees (AFROPAC), whose secretariat he conveyed to Nairobi in September 2013.
  7. He has been Secretary of Bunge Football club, of which he was lead striker holding the untouched record of most objectives scored.

Ababu Namwamba Contacts

Email: ababu@ababunamwamba.com

Site: http://www.ababunamwamba.com/


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