Lupita Nyongo

‘Ujaluo gharama’, goes a popular Kenyan street lingo which can loosely be translated to ‘Being Luo is an extravagant affair’.

In fact, they say any poor Luo man or woman is just but pretending, no?

Well, the aforementioned quote was recently brought to life by Kenya’s own Hollywood star Lupita Nyong’o who blew a whopping KS 300,000 on a couple of sneakers.

Exposeke has learnt the Kenyan-born actress, and a fellow actor Winston Duke lately went out shopping with the Sneaker reviewer Complex in a bid to promote their upcoming horror movie, Us.

In a viral YouTube video dated Monday, March 25, and seen by, the two Hollywood starlets had a brief talk with Complex’s presenter Joe La Puma before stopping in at a New York City-based Stadium Goods shop where they plundered themselves with pricey kicks.

Lupita and Duke selected five pairs of sneakers whose price came to a total $3250 dollars which is equivalent to KS 325,000.

Well, understands the actress picked only two from the five but paid for all of them. Pesa Otas!


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