Airtel Money rates and charges

Are you an Airtel Kenya subscriber who has been wondering what the Airtel Money charges are? Well, you are in luck as we’ve got your back as this article provides a complete guide on Airtel Kenya money withdrawal charges as well as other charges connected with this mobile money transfer service.

Long gone are the times when one had to wait for several days or even weeks to collect money sent by a loved one or a friend. Today, with the onset of simple mobile money transfer platforms, sending money across the country is as easy as A-B-C. However, this did not come lightly. Mobile money transfer has come a very long way. Not so long ago, a person could not seamlessly send or receive money across networks. This indicated that sending money from Safaricom to Airtel and other networks was close to unthinkable, given that the money would take too long to display in the receiver’s account and further because the transaction charges were too high. Now, with the launching of mobile money interoperability, one can send money from Airtel Money to MPesa with ease.

Airtel Money has risen as a convenient mobile money transfer stage, seeing as its transaction charges are fairly set. Without any further ado, let us get into the particulars of Airtel Money Kenya charges.

Airtel Money charges

Here are the costs associated with Airtel Money Kenya:

TransactionTransaction Limits (KShs)Customer charge (KShs)
Deposit money to airtel money customer5070,000FREE
Send money to airtel customer5070,000
Send money to another network customer10135,000
Withdraw money at airtel money agent5010015
Withdraw money from ATM (Pesapoint)2002,50040

Additional Airtel Money charges include:

Also, note the following:

  • The maximum account balance is Ksh. 140,000
  • The maximum daily transaction value is Ksh. 140,000.
  • The maximum amount per transaction is Ksh. 70,000

Withdrawals for both on-net and off-net clients cost the same

Consumers from other networks cannot withdraw more than Ksh. 35,000 per transaction

When it comes to Airtel Money pay bill charges, please note that you can pay your utility bills for free using Airtel Money. Such utility bills include:

To get the details about payment of utility bills via Airtel Money and other information about Airtel Money, visit the company’s website.


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