Airtel Money transfer charges to other networks

Airtel is one of the top 3 telecommunication companies in Kenya with millions of active subscribers. It is a direct competitor to Safaricom and Telkom and this has brought about massive competition in terms of their money transfer services. We are talking about Airtel money vs Mpesa. We already looked at Airtel withdrawal charges here if you want to have a look.

In this post, I will show you the updated Airtel Money transfer charges to other networks so you won’t waste time speculating how much you will need to transfer your money. You can now transfer your cash from Airtel money to any other cash wallets in Kenya such as Mpesa and bank accounts.

Airtel Money transfer charges to other networks 2019

Ksh 1Ksh 49Free
Ksh 50Ksh 100Free
Ksh 101Ksh 500Ksh 7
Ksh 501Ksh 1,000Ksh 9
Ksh 1,001Ksh 1,500Ksh 15
Ksh 1,501Ksh 2,500Ksh 24
Ksh 2,501Ksh 3,500Ksh 33
Ksh 3,501Ksh 5,000Ksh 36
Ksh 5,001Ksh 7,500Ksh 45
Ksh 7,501Ksh 10,000Ksh 51
Ksh 10,001Ksh 15,000Ksh 57
Ksh 15,001Ksh 20,000Ksh 60
Ksh 20,001Ksh 25,000Ksh 66
Ksh 25,001Ksh 30,000Ksh 66
Ksh 30,001Ksh 35,000Ksh 66
Ksh 35,001Ksh 40,000Ksh 66
Ksh 40,001Ksh 45,000Ksh 66
Ksh 45,001Ksh 50,000Ksh 66
Ksh 50,001Ksh 70,000Ksh 66



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