Best Loan Apps available in Kenya that offer instant loans

Best loan apps in Kenya 2018

In Kenya today instant money lending loan apps are on the fastest rise and are taking over traditional money lending options such as banking institutions and even chamas. This leads us to a, ask questions such as which are the best mobile loan apps in Kenya? Or how can I get a quick loan in Kenya? Well, we have got your back, in this post, we will enlighten you on the best loan apps that will give you instant cash currently.


Haraka is one of the fastest growing mobile loan apps in Kenya with hundred thousands of users across the country. It offers you the quickest and most convenient means of getting an instant loan in Kenya. It creates an easy way for anyone to access credit anywhere and anytime in Kenya.

Applying for a Haraka loan is that easy. Paperwork is not required, and you receive your loan as quickly as possible using means such as MPesa.

2.Tala-Formerly Mkopo Raisi

Tala app enables Kenyans to access a loan of up to Ksh.50,000 and very quickly no matter what time it is that you need the credit. Tala loan is normally remitted via M-Pesa.

Going by the latest updates to the Tala app, new features can enable you to easily check credit limit and see success stories from previous loan beneficiaries.

The process of applying for Tala Loan

The process of getting the Tala loan starts with downloading and installing the Tala app from your device play store.

Next step, the app is linked to your Facebook account for more details about you. In the last part, you are expected to answer a few personal questions after which you can access loans.

First-time applicants can only access Ksh. 2,000 but their credit limit increases as they continue to build their profiles.

Loans will be provided with a processing fee of between 5% and 15% depending on the users’ profile and loan size.

The loan must be repaid within the stipulated time.

The loan is repaid via M-Pesa pay bill number 851900.


Branch was introduced to Kenyan markets in 2015 and enables you to access credit instantly of up to ksh50000 without hustle. The payment method is usually via Mpesa just like Tala.


Saida app provides quick and easy loans via your M-Pesa account. You can get a quick unsecured loan on Saida to help you boost your business or sort out your emergencies.

Saida app allows you to access loans of up to Ksh. 25,000. Download the Saida App to determine if you are eligible for a fast loan. Not everyone is eligible for Saida loans. If you are eligible for a loan, Saida will provide an explanation as to why and advise on how to be eligible.

The repayment period can be up to three months, and interest rates are as low as 7.5%. The rate is tailored to each customer.


Also, another useful app that enables you to quickly grab what you were looking for financially. It offers quick cash in case you need it urgently.


Zidisha is a micro-loaning application that interfaces business people with lenders.

This means the stage empowers microlending exchanges between web clients and low-salary business people in creating nations.

The loans are without interest yet to be qualified; you need to meet certain capabilities.

In the wake of making a profile, the loan candidate is relied upon to depict his or her business, wanted loan sum, and favoured reimbursement period.

The subtle elements are then checked by Zidisha staff or accomplice and if the application is endorsed, first-time candidates are relied upon to pay Ksh. 1000 handling expenses.

Getting to loans in Kenya has been made quick and proficient naturally in the event that you are qualified. Previously, getting to loans was a hustle.

You needed to experience a great deal of screening and now and then you would wind up with nothing.

On the off chance that you wish to get to unsecured versatile loans in Kenya today, download your favoured application to begin.

The uplifting news continues coming since you would now be able to get to individual loans in Kenya by means of portable applications whenever anyplace.

7.Timiza loan by Barclays bank

The Timiza loan application is as of now accessible on Google Play Store. Best of all, the application will be accessible to all Kenyans will’s identity ready to get or spare money whether they are clients at Barclays Bank or not.

With setting a farthest point of up to Sh. 150,000 without the hustle of a security, the new application enables Small and Medium Enterprises to develop their organizations quicker through simple access to credit.

How to get a loan via Timiza App

  1. Dial SSD code *848#
  2. Click Accept the terms and conditions
  3. Proceed to save or borrow depending on your needs.




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