We are living in interesting times where you can get anything you need from the palms of your hands, including obtaining loans in Kenya. This exclusive article will review all the top 10 loan apps in Kenya available today for quick loan approval. If a Loan App is missing, please suggest in the comments section below or send me details and I will review it.

Technology has made it very possible to do things that seemed unthinkable in the past about five years ago. We all know how difficult getting a loan from a traditional bank was back then. But now with the improving innovation of loan apps in Kenya, your quick loan is just a phone away.

List of top 10 best Loan Apps in Kenya:

  • Branch loan App
  • Tala Loan App
  • Barclays Bank Timiza Loan App
  • Stawika Loan App
  • Zenka App
  • Haraka Loan App
  • Utunzi App
  • Mh Whizz
  • Saida Loan App
  • Okash
  • Jazika Loan App

Let’s now dive into more details of each Mobile Loan App

1. Branch Loan App

The very first loan app in Kenya to evaluate is Branch. A popular lending app that was presented to Kenyans in 2015 by Branch International. Branch app is not only available in Kenya but can be found in neighbouring Tanzania and Nigeria.

The mobile loan app gives its customers loans up to Ksh 50,000.

To get started on Branch App today, you download the App from Google Play store, they don’t have IOS app, use Facebook to signup and login and automatically you will identify if you qualify for a loan or not. If you are approved for a credit, you will receive it via M-Pesa.

For more information concerning Branch, check out this article on Branch loan App.

2. Tala

Tala Kenya was initially been known as Mkopo Rahisi and later rebranded to Tala. They offer loans up to Ksh30,000, and the loan is disbursed via M-Pesa. The company prides themselves in giving credits in less than 5 minutes, and you will increase your credit up to the maximum amount possible by repaying your credits in time.

Tala loan App has more than 1 Million active downloads on Google play store and considered as one of the most successful loan Apps in Kenya.

To get a quick loan from Tala, all you have to do is download and install the App on your Smartphone and then create an account. If you are not listed on CRB blacklist, you will get your first tala loan which you can choose the payment terms.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to using Tala Loan App

3. Timiza Loan App

Timiza is a loan App by Barclays bank LTD, one of the local banks in Kenya. As stated earlier, the loan app craze in Kenya has pushed mainstream financial players to innovate.

The greatest thing about Timiza, unlike other loan Apps from banks, is that the App is not confined to the bank’s customers alone but rather available to all Kenyans.

You download the timiza app, register and check if you qualify for a loan.

The Timiza mobile App is not only a Loans app but one of a kind app where you can do more and more. You can top up any price and use the money to hail a Taxi, for instance.

4. Stawika Loan App

Stawika loan is a rising Loan app in Kenya by Stawika Capital Ltd. Once downloaded and installed on your smartphone, the loan App will evaluate your data on the phone, like your M-Pesa usage and other determinants to qualify you for a loan.

I have not myself used the App but will give it a try and refresh this post or create a new article, especially for Stawika Capital.

The registration method is very simple; you download Stawika Loan App from Google, Use your device phone number to register and present a unique four-digit Pin.

5. Haraka

Haraka loan means fast in Swahili. So anyone within the country will know that the App gives quick/fast loans. Haraka Loan is a commodity of Getbucks, a South African certified lender.

Haraka Loan App Kenya is also available in other 4 African countries as well, i.e., Tanzania, Swaziland, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Their loan range here is between Ksh500 and Ksh5000, and the loans attract an interest rate of just 23.45%.

6. Utunzi Loan App

I had to skip this one following reading the negative reviews on the Google Play store, but you can give it a try and let us know your experience with this lender.

7. Saida

Saida is a different Loan App that is serving Kenyans secure an instant quick mobile loan direct to their phones. You can easily download Saida to your mobile app, and they give loans of up to Ksh25,000.

The app’s interest rates can go as low as only 7.5%, and you have up to 3 long months to repay your loan.

I have not used this App but will create a post on Saida loan app in few coming weeks.

8. Jazika Loans

This is another different mobile loan App from Jazika Ventures ltd. With Jazika app, you can qualify to a maximum of Ksh100,000 Kenyan shillings, and the loan application process is simple.

The money goes straight to your M-Pesa and repaying the loan is additionally done through M-Pesa.

9. KCB M-Pesa

I believe, Safaricom PLC set the ball rolling for mobile loan Apps in Kenya, and KCB in conjunction with M-Pesa came up with a better solution. The KCB M-Pesa solution is attached to your Safaricom sim card and through the Safaricom App.

According to my review, they have the cheapest interest rates currently in the market.

10. Mshwari

I could not finish this list of top 10 best loan apps in Kenya without mentioning a Safaricom loan product. All the other loan Apps work best with M-pesa. So simply like KCB M-Pesa Safaricom in conjunction with CBA Bank have a solution for a mobile loan dubbed Mshwari.

It works on the principle of saving for accessing a loan. Your loan limit can be extended depending on how you keep money on Mshwari and also how you repay your preceding loans.

History of Loan Apps in Kenya

Loan Apps in Kenya today became popular in the last three years with the official launch of Branch loan App even though they have been passed so far. Ever since we have so many opponents are coming into the industry. Others have crumbled off while others have grown so large and their clients have expanded in numbers.

Kenya is known for much mobile money is the hotbed for the Mobile Loan Apps, with M-Pesa being the ideal option to acquire loans from these Loan Apps in Kenya.

Now traditional banks who have been conventional loan moneylenders joining in by releasing their versions of the mobile loan Apps.


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