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With a lot of Kenyans moving to Nairobi and the number increasing significantly every year, there is a challenge when it comes to housing in Nairobi, given the rate of salaries that most Nairobians earn that needs a lot of balancing and accurate budgeting. Another issue is the rising prices of estate rentals in Nairobi; you will never know when the landlord comes asking for much cash from your pocket as an innocent Nairobian. Also check List of Secure Estates in Nakuru and their rental costs has gone inside this whole issue and has come up with a list of affordable housing estates in Nairobi with single rooms, bedsitters and any other demographics that you want for an average Nairobian, take a look below;


This place is situated North West of Nairobi at the Western end of the Northern Bypass. Rental houses in Ruaka area are quite affordable for a middle-class Nairobian who wants to settle here.

With the presence of Two Rivers Mall in Ruaka, there has been a rise in house costs in the area as many residents are trying to settle here, so you have to plan well.

Price of bedsitter in Ruaka: Ksh7,000 to Ksh10,000

One Bedroom:Ksh15,000 to Ksh20,000


If you are that person who loves some ‘calm’ at least not very much, then Rongai is the place for you as it is not so much occupied currently. You should note that Rongai is a bit far from Nairobi and you will have to cope with the challenge, in the positive side, there is Maasai Mall that can serve your needs without having to travel further.

Rents here vary from around Ksh6,500 up to Ksh20,000


Close to Thika super highway, this makes it a suitable estate to live when you want to get to the CBD in time; you will, however, get to meet some foreigners in this estate as it serves a wide varieties of people,some businessmen, well, some we don’t know their purpose here.

Bedsitters at Roysambu costs around Ksh5,000 to Ksh13,000

One bedroom costs between Ksh15,000 to Ksh20,000


Embakasi is Ideal for lower and middle-class Nairobians, it hosts a large number of people and even has some informal settlements around. You will, however, enjoy a lot of services around here including nearby supermarkets and Mall.

Bedsitter cost at Embakasi; Ksh5,000 to Ksh8,000

One bedroom goes for around Ksh10,000 to Ksh15,000

5.Kahawa Sukari

It is way far from Nairobi CBD, and you will also meet some students from nearby KU. Bedsitters here are cheaper and costs around Ksh4000 to Ksh6,000. One bedroom houses also cost less than 15,000.


If you earn a salary of less than 20K, then this is the place for you, a lot of Nairobians live here, and it is cheaper as compared to other places. A bedsitter goes for around Ksh6,000 to Ksh8,000.One bedroomed house costs around Ksh10,000 to Ksh13,000.


Another ideal estate that is situated along Mombasa road, it is good when your salary is not so much and a bedsitter costs around Ksh5,000 to Ksh7,000. This estate already hosts around 6K Nairobians.


You will enjoy low prices since a one bedroomed house goes for around Ksh8,000 to Ksh12, is one of the most known estates in Nairobi, and there are several supermarkets for shopping around.


Convenient to you for its cheap rates, you can get to stay for amounts ranging from Ksh6,000 to Ksh13, too. It is also not very much populated so you will get some clam.


Not very far from Nairobi, Kikuyu is an ideal location for a middle-class family; rooms cost around Ksh9,000 on average.


This neighbourhood is established along steep slopes dipping down to the Nairobi River with gated homes which are characterized by good defence. Many of the homes here are tailored to meet international criteria so as to attract the expatriates. It’s closeness to the CBD makes it a good place to stay for the diplomats and expats.


This is another affluent neighbourhood within the city. Most personalities living in Kitisuru are expatriates, aliens and top managers, due to its closeness to major international, regional and big corporations. Some of the best schools established in this area comprise the International School of Kenya, Rosslyn Academy, and the German School.

Its closeness to the high-end neighbourhoods such as Nyari, Loresho Spring Valley, Gigiri, Westlands, and Runda makes it a better place to stay.

11.Nyayo estate

12.South B


14.South C


So if you choose to Move to Nairobi and It’s environed, then you can decide where to go depending on your salary and any other preferences. To Add content or additional info to this article, you can contact us.



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