Best Ways to control waterborne diseases in Kenya

clean water in Kenya

Waterborne diseases in the past have lead to health complications of a lot of people in the country and several other side diseases continuing to be persistent among the lives of many Kenyans. The people of Kenya is encountering a lot of delay and the economic growth is slowly declining as life goes by.In this post we will help you know of some best ways t prevent waterborne diseases and live a healthy life.z


Proper use of latrines

It has been noted in Kenya that many people in the country have poor manners by responding to calls of nature in rivers or near water bodies that are used by other people. It is always recommended by medical tacticians to use the pit latrines in a more efficient way so that they can be of help in containing germs that are spread through urine and fecal matter. It is important for the government to take the initiative of building more pit latrines so as to help people avoid getting infected.

Treating water with chemicals

The medical scientists of Kenya has provided a lot of chemicals that can be used to treat and make water safe for use and drinking. It is important that one buys chemicals when they have money and treat their water sources by simply putting the correct amounts of quantities in water bodies. Chemicals however can be dangerous when they are not properly utilized hence great care needs to be taken.

Boiling water

This is one of the most effective water treatment method that cone can use to treat water. Boiling water will kill germs and any worms that may be the cause for spreading diseases hence it becomes safe for one to drink and take it in plenty. People are advised to boil water before drinking so that they can avoid high risks of getting infected. Education needs to be done through campaigns to encourage people on ways of controlling water borne by boiling.

Proper waste disposal

Kenyans should be taught on better ways of disposing all kinds of waste by simply using the right types of procedures that can help people know what to do and how to respond to various issues arising from waste materials.

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