Betty Kyallo move to K24 and her salary at K24 in details

Betty Kyalo salary

It is well seen as the reshuffle season for prominent Tv news anchors in Kenya. The number of journalists transferring from their former employers for more lucrative deals in rival TV stations has been on the rise lately. Nation media has been the most affected and the reason for the quits, apart from attractive salary offers, was blamed on autocratic management that took instructions from State House-at least if reports on the blogosphere are anything to understand. One of the stations that have been on a recruiting spree of top talents is Royal media Citizen TV as it secures its position as the most popular TV station in Kenya. KTN, just like NTV- is facing a similar illness after the unexpected exit of Yvonne Okwara, Mashirima Kapombe and Joe Ageyo to Citizen TV. Betty Kyallo formerly of KTN makes the list of those journalists who have moved to new workplaces.

Betty Kyalo story

The popular Friday briefing news anchor has been making a good company to watch over the years, and it comes as a surprise that she will be joining the lowly Media Max LTD TV station. Going by her ratings, Betty Kyalo would have been a great move going for either Nation media NTV or Royal media Citizen TV, but she was lured by a fat cheque at the TV station now associated with Deputy President William Ruto.

Betty Kyallo Salary at KTN

Several blogs have put Betty Kyalo’s salary at Ksh650,000. This amount is way far more significant than what most Kenyans can afford to make every year. Our source, however, disputed this figure saying her salary at KTN is was never above sh350,000. In an attempt to have her stay, KTN Standard Group gave her an irresistible counteroffer to throw away her plans of ditching the station.

Betty Kyallo Salary offered at K24

K24 ratings continue to stabilise, and the only way to resuscitate the station from its deathbed was to bring in a big name. K24 tv is doing way poorly that even Inooro TV, as critics may say, a vernacular TV station whose viewership is more segmented, has more viewers. Media Max K24 has offered Betty Kyalo upwards of kes600,000 to have her in the station. Journalists in the station are paid between ksh55,000 and the highest just above ksh200,000.

When Betty Kyallo Started Work at K24

You will be seeing the Tv girl as from November 23rd 2018.

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