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Far Finished are the days when men had only one hairstyle – shaving their heads. Nowadays, men have the chance to choose from a pattern of amazingly remarkable hairstyles. Some of these men hairstyles may be a little bit over the top(just like the Mohawk), but men have proven to be competent of pulling them off. Box braids for men designs are one of the most enticing hairstyles that men can now rock on. Take some time to look at the images of box braids styles featured in this article.

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Travis Scott and Asap Rocky are the most popular names when it comes to the talk of box braids styles for men. These two top celebrated rappers may be termed as the fathers of this hairstyle. They effortlessly pull off this hairstyle, so famously that they have motivated some of our own African men to take a desire to this hairstyle. Let us take a look at some of the most interesting box braids hairstyles for men. If you are a gentleman who has the box braids hairstyle and now wants to know how to neatly style box braids, then this is the best piece for you.

Hairstyles for box braids for men

1. Short twist box braids for men

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Box braids for men-best braids on men

The thing about these box braids is that they are effortlessly neat when done correctly. The point that the hair is parted into symmetrical boxes makes the hairstyle flawlessly appealing. The twist box braids hairstyle shown above, for instance, just goes to prove this. The twists have been skillfully done, ensuring that the gentleman dressing this box braids hairstyle is well refined.

2. Long box braids for men styled into a man bun

Man buns are all the trend at the moment, and what better way to rock a man bun than with your box braids? Style your long box braids into a bun that will move even the ladies to be jealous of your hair.

3. Short box braids hairstyle coupled with the fade hairstyle

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Box braids for men-best braids on men

2019 is the time for men to be brave in their hairstyle choices. One such brave decision is matching the box braids hairstyle with the fade hairstyle for men. The coupling of the duo is not only trendy but also alluring. Go ahead, try it out.

4. Big box braids hairstyle paired with the fade hairstyle with a captivating cut design

Just like the hairstyle in number 3 above of this list, this hairstyle too incorporates the box braids hairstyle and the fade hairstyle. The single difference is that for this hairstyle, the gentleman has also had the hair stylist make charming cut designs on the shaved parts of his hair.

5. Very short box braids hairstyles for men

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Box braids for men-best braids on men

Maybe your hair is not that long, but you still take a strong interest in box braids. Then, do not restrain yourself and go for the box braids hairstyle for men. Granted, the box braids will not be so long enough for a ponytail, but the hairstyle will still look desirable.

6. Long box braids for men made from hair extensions

Just like crochet box braids, you can still easily manage to rock the box braids hairstyle by including extensions to their hair in order to make the box braids longer.

7. Very short bob box braids for men

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Box braids for men-best braids on men

No one said that short box braids are not such captivating. Just take a look at the image of the short bob box braids displayed above, are the braids not as appealing as ever?

8. Full head box braids with a mid parting

Forget the fade hairstyles added into the box braids hairstyles, you can simply go the simple way and have all the hair on your head plaited into amazing men box braids.

9. Thin and short box braids with mid parting done on straightened hair

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Box braids for men-best braids on men

Thin box braids are the tidiest form of box braids available. Despite of this, they are also more manageable as it takes a significantly high amount of time before they become unkempt.

10. Short box braids styled with beads accessories

Make sure that you accessorize your box braids using the wide collection of hair accessories possible. Be it wooden beads, metallic beads, or even cowrie shells, do not be afraid of improving the overall look of your box braids.

11. Curly box braids

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Box braids for men-best braids on men

Curly box braids are more charming than any other box braids hairstyle. The truth that they are curly makes it tolerable for the wearer of the hairstyle to enjoy his curly hair once he undoes this hairstyle.

12. Chunky box braids bob

Chunky box braids take a very short time to get done and complete, and they are heavily desired by men who want a simple yet very classy hairstyle.

13. Coloured Makeba box braids with fade hairstyle incorporated into the hairstyle

Once more, you can also add the fade hairstyle into your box braids, and how about adding a splash of colour to the new hairstyle?

14. Shoulder length box braids styled into a ponytail

Long box braids for men can be styled into a sleek ponytail, creating that classy and sophisticated hairstyle.

15. Short box braids hairstyle with two braids left to hang in front of the face

If you choose to have short box braids, you can easily style them like the gentleman in the photo above. This hairstyle is quite simple to pull off, and all you have to do is separate two braids at the front of your head and let them dangle loosely. The rest of the box braids can then be fastened into a ponytail or a man bun, the choice is all yours.

16. Long fringe made from box braids

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Box braids for men-best braids on men

It is also possible to have the fringe hairstyle when you have braided your hair into box braids. The key to pulling off this look is to make sure that the box braids extracted to the front of your face are long enough. The rest of the box braids available can either be pulled into a ponytail or tied into a man bun.

17. Box braids styled into cornrows

You can even go ahead and plait your box braids into some cornrows to create that perfectly unique hairstyle.

18. Eccentric and quirky box braids hairstyle – the unkempt look

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Box braids for men-best braids on men

You can choose to go the unique trendy way and get this non-describable box braids hairstyle done on your hair.

19. Twist box braids with lines

Box braids are an astonishing protective hairstyle, and the moment you add cornrows to the hairstyle, be assured that your hair will be fully protected from breakage.

20. Kendrick Lamar-inspired box braids

Kendrick Lamar is also one rapper heavily connected with the box braids trend in men. The box braids in the photo above are a real replica of the rapper’s famous box braids.

This finally concludes our list of the most fascinating,trending and eye-catching box braids hairstyles for men. Be sure to try one.


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