Bridget Achieng

Nairobi Diaries rising star Bridget Achieng has uncovered she can in any case hop in bed with Bongo hotshot Ali Kiba, in spite of him as of late going off the market with another woman.

The shapely young lady, who has Kiba’s tattoo engraved to her left side arm, guaranteed the crooner’s marriage won’t change their “profound relationship.”

In a video, seen by on Friday, May 11, the sultry girl staggeringly expressed marriage was only a negligible authentication.

I can still get a share of Ali Kiba even if he is married - Socialite Bridget Achieng

She uncovered she as of now had her offer of the Seduce Me hitmaker in Tanzanian before he wedded his Kenyan sweetheart, Amina Rikesh Ahmed.

“Ali Kiba, despite everything we talk even after the marriage, He was part of the gang I generally adored once upon a time in music,” she said.

Bridget, alluding to herself as a “determined worker” who never takes “no for an answer” went ahead to reveal why she put on the well known artist’s tatoo on her arm.

“This was a person I adored and I knew there was no chance I would get to him. The main way I would stand out enough to be noticed was to get a tattoo. I did my exploration and discovered no lady has ever gotten a tattoo of him,” she said.

What’s more, consistent with her yearnings her trick worked enchantment and her fantasies were figured it out.

“When I got a tattoo it was so natural for me. He called me. I wasn’t even in Nairobi Diaries. We preferred each other, there was that bond,”

I can still get a share of Ali Kiba even if he is married - Socialite Bridget Achieng

Ali Kiba wedded his Kenyan sweetheart Rikesh in a sumptuous wedding.

As per her, however they associated with the praised performer, she was careful about dating him as she knew he was a craftsman, yet by the by she got her offer.

“He is a craftsman and craftsmen do what they do. I got my offer and I am lowered. Nothing will change. Me and Kiba we’re great when marriage nothing changes,”

“Marriage is only a title. I can make a call to Kiba regardless of whether it’s at 2am. I wouldn’t be frightened that he is married..those are simply titles,” she said.

The shapely superstar as of late left tongues swaying subsequent to pronouncing her enthusiasm to dive into legislative issues.

In a selective meeting with she disclosed that she would challenge for a MCA situate in the 2022 general race.