list of Cabinet secretaries in Kenya-all CS in Kenya 2019

Cabinet secretaries in Kenya

This is a comprehensive list of all Cabinet Secretaries (CS) in Kenya as of  2019. The Cabinet of Kenya is composed up of the President, Deputy President, Attorney General and the Cabinet Secretaries. The Constitution of Kenya, as passed, provides for a maximum of 22 ministries. A Cabinet Secretary (CS) is not a Member of the Kenyan Parliament. The President nominates cabinet Secretaries then vetted by a parliamentary committee before their appointment.

Cabinet secretaries head and control their respective ministries following the Constitution of Kenya. They are all responsible to the president and provide the Parliament with full and consistent reports of their ministries.

A lot can be formulated concerning the cabinet secretaries in Kenya. Nevertheless, the introduction of the cabinet secretaries Kenya in our current constitution took the place of the then Ministers in the former constitution. This would be recognised as one of the 2010 constitution’s gift because the contrast between the new and old was like darkness and light.

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In Kenya, cabinet secretaries are to be decided and appointed by the president of Kenya with the consent of the parliament through a public vetting process. This opportunity is sponsored to the citizens to understand the kind of leaders who will control the different sectors. The cabinet secretaries are not to be any members of parliament (MPs), which therefore decreased the administrative responsibility that was carried by the ministers in the old constitution and improved their effectiveness too.

In Kenya today, cabinet secretaries are deemed to avoid politics like the plague and dedicate all their time and stamina to carrying out their daily assigned roles.

Cabinet Secretaries in Kenya

After the selection and approval, the cabinet secretaries in Kenya are to provide service for the government till they are replaced, reassigned or dismissed.

A person appointed as a cabinet secretary:

  • affects office by swearing in or declaring faithfulness to the people and the Republic of Kenya and in compliance to the Kenyan 2010 constitution before the president
  • the cabinet secretary may resign by giving a written statement of resignation to the president

The president:

  • May re-assign cabinet secretaries and
  • May remove cabinet secretaries.

A member of the National Assembly backed by at least a quarter of the members in the national assembly may move a motion requiring the president to dismiss cabinet secretaries on the following areas:

  • serious violation of the provisions of the Constitution or any applicable law
  • Where there are pressing reasons to believe that the Kenyan cabinet secretaries have committed an offence according to the national and international laws
  • Moreover, we can’t forget, gross misconduct.

In the case where the above happens;

The National Assembly chooses a select committee composing eleven members to review the subject. Within a span of ten days, the select committee tables to the national assembly whether the verdicts of the allegation were material to warrant the cabinet’s secretary dissolution. The cabinet secretary has a justice to appear and or be represented before the select committee during the probes.

If the picked committee reports its findings as:

  1. Unsubstantiated; no further actions shall be taken
  2. Substantiated; the National Assembly shall:
  • Afford the cabinet secretary a chance to be heard
  • Then they will vote whether or not to approve the resolution asking the cabinet secretary to be dismissed

If a determination demanding the removal of the cabinet secretary is supported by the majority of the members of the National Assembly;

  • The speaker hastily delivers the resolution to the Kenyan president
  • The president shall then remove the cabinet secretary

Much stated than done one may ask what the functions of cabinet secretaries in Kenya are. They are:

Functions of Cabinet secretaries in Kenya

  1. Take charge of the cabinet office
  2. Reliable and subject to the management of the cabinet office, for arranging the business and administering the minutes of the cabinet
  3. They communicate the decision of the cabinet to the proper person or authority
  4. Perform other duties as directed by the cabinet

List Of all Cabinet Secretaries In Kenya 2019


Cabinet Secretary


Internal Security and Coordination of National Government

Fred Matiangi


Foreign Affairs

Monica Juma



Amina Mohamed



Sicily Kariuki



Eugene Wamalwa



Simon Chelgui



Mwangi Kiunjuri



Rashid Echesa



Najib Balala



Ukur Yattani



James Macharia



Joseph mucheru



Henry Rotich



Adan Mohammed



Farida Karoney



Keriako Tobiko


Petroleum and Mining

John Munyes


East Africa Community

Peter Munya


Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs

Margaret Kobia


Energy department

Charles Keter


Defence  secretary

Rachel Omamo


Without a portfolio

Raphael Tuju

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