Comedian Njugush

Kenyan based comedian Njugush is on hot soup after accusations by an upcoming Kenyan comedian  JB of stealing and riding high with his creative content.

As per the comedian going by the name JB Mole, Njugush has been stealing his jokes from his social media wings before redoing and releasing them as his to thousands of his online fans.

JB who addressed exclusively on Wednesday, July 4, claimed the witty comedian has stolen his content incessantly and without mercy.

The comedian,JB,still went ahead to unveil that Njugush’s act of copy pasting his content has been challenging his efforts to breakthrough in the much competitive industry.

”I am an upcoming online comedian called JB Mole and I am very aggrieved because I am really trying to get into the industry but one very popular comedian has been stealing my works and redoing them as his through his social media platforms,” JB said while reaching out to

The irate creative added celebrities like Njugush have been frustrating efforts of other upcoming comedians to make it big in the industry by stealing years of their hard work for their personal gains.

”It is really saddening that a comedian of such caliber can go that low to steal content just to remain relevant. I would really like you to help me get this out there. We can’t have ‘big names’ stepping on up coming artists so as to remain relevant,” JB added. followed up on the issue and discovered that indeed Njugush has been copy pasting JB content and riding with them as his.

Through investigations, we realised that Njugush has been sharing jokes that had been shared by JB like a few days prior.

Here is a good sample;

In essence, it seems the witty comedian has been perusing JB’s social media accounts and picking content that he would then polish a little bit before sharing as his own.

Well, tried to get in touch with comedian Njugush for his side of the story.

In quick rejoinder Njugush told that he has never ever stolen any work from any comedian, big or small.

In addition, Njugush claimed that he does not even recognize his accuser and has never ever come across his works.

”It Is actually laughable. Unfortunately, I have never heard of him. Every video I do is done from scratch, not only clean but original. Anyway if he wants to be famous this way let’s see how that goes. Good evening,” he said.