DHL Kenya Charges, Prices and contacts

DHL is a global shipping company that deals with the shipment of different goods and services across the globe. The company is a branch of Deutsche Post DHL, a logistics company located in Germany which is also the largest in the world in offering international courier services. In 1969, DHL express was founded with the aim of delivering documents between Honolulu and San Francisco. Presently, the company operates in different parts of the world. We have highlighted the charges you will pay to enjoy their services in Kenya.

DHL Kenya Charges and Prices 2017: Get That Parcel Delivered Conveniently and on Time

DHL is well recognised and known for offering excellent courier services. They are committed in all types of shipment including air freight, road, shipping over the sea, and rail transport. It similarly has great warehousing explications which include repairs, packaging, and storage. It further offers a lot of customised services and letter delivery services all over the world.

DHL is world famous not because there are no other companies that allow the same services but because of their emphasis on quality. DHL is the best bargain you can get considering the many countries it serves all over the world. The crew of workers also ensures that you are served diligently and effectively. Hereafter, you don’t need to worry about your merchandises delaying or getting lost in transit since DHL has you covered.

DHL rates Kenya: What it will cost you to send a parcel

The logistics company has some of the most contentious rates in the international market. Nevertheless, for you to know what you will be charged for the package you want to be addressed, then you have to visit the offices for a quotation. Various things are considered when setting up charges. These cover the type of cargo to be shipped as well as the weight. All the various means of transport employed by DHL have stipulations on weight for a package. You are expected to pay more for a heavier substance depending on the nature of the cargo you will be freighting as well.

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The standard rate charged for the transportation of parcels in Kenya is within $1 and $2 per kilogram. The supply capacity is 1000 tons each day. Nonetheless, if you are looking for further assistance with your transportation and delivery, then you need to consider touring any of the DHL house Nairobi Kenya. It is from their offices that you will get all the knowledge concerning the amount of money you need to pay to access the services offered by the company.

DHL Kenya Charges and Prices 2017: Get That Parcel Delivered Conveniently and on Time

A DHL truck being loaded

DHL Kenya offices and their specific areas of service

DHL has several offices in Nairobi. The DHL Nairobi offices are found at the locations below. Moreover, we have also highlighted the DHL Kenya contacts for the offices.

  • DHL House Nairobi, Kenya (020-6925120)
  • DHL Global Forwarding (020-6925843)
  • DHL Express Yaya Center (020-6925120)
  • DHL office – Tana house Nairobi, Kenya (in Karen)
  • DHL Sarit Centre point
  • DHL Eastleigh (020-6925120)

Other DHL Kenya offices are located in all the major cities in the country, Nakuru, Kisumu, including Mombasa, and Eldoret.

The company has a collection of sectors of services. These incorporate the e-commerce sector, DHL Kenya tracking services, freight, supply chain parcel unit, express service, and global forwarding. Mindless of the sort of service, you will need, you can continually be sure that DHL has that covered. Reputably, the company is well equipped to ship all kinds of items including fuel and dangerous chemicals among other products. If you are considering to ship from Kenya to any other part of the world, then you have to reflect DHL if you want the best services.


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