Hamissa Mobetto

Diamond Platnumz must cover his head in his grasp subsequent to understanding his intense endeavors to baffle Zari Hassan exploded backward.

The father of three had recorded different recordings of himself grabbing and kissing two ladies months in the wake of being dumped by his ex.

As indicated by reports by Simulizi na Sauti, the Tanzanian crooner’s identification was appropriated soon after his plugged capture.

Likewise, Chibu had been summoned yet TCRA for cross examination on Thursday, April 19, close by kindred performer Nandy.

With his tail tucked between his legs, the praised performer apologized to his nation and fans for his wayward practices.

He was educated on the repercussions of discharging randy chronicles via web-based networking media.

In a progression of eyebrow-raising chronicles, the Tanzanian heartthrob displayed his room accounts in what could be portrayed as payback to his ex.

He moved close by a strange mzungu lady as he kissed and stroked her within the sight of kindred artist Harmonize.

He additionally had a private session with infant mom Hamisa Mobetto where he was seen easily sitting on the woman’s back with a glass of wine firmly grasped in his grasp.


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