Dr Ofweneke blasts Nicah the Queen of plans to marry again

Nicah the Queen and Dr Ofweneke,

In the wake of being inquired as to whether she could ever get back with Dr Ofweneke given the possibility,Veronica Wanja otherwise known as Nicah, said absolutely no way would influence her to return.

“No I will never return to Egypt,” she reacted clarifying whatever the two darlings once had is altogether done and cleaned.

Addressing a neighborhood newspaper, the entertainer uncovered that he doesn’t lament being hitched to the craftsman and when the time comes he might want to settle down.

“I don’t regret my past because there is a beautiful baby involved. It was a good marriage when it lasted and I enjoyed my marriage, but I will marry again when the right time comes,’’ Dr Ofweneke said.

Notwithstanding their separation, Dr Ofweneke expressed that they have a friendly relationship in view of their little girl.

‘’Nicah and I talk, but we basically talk about our children and nothing more. We are in good terms because of the children but whatever she is doing with her life, that I respect even if I don’t know what she does,’’ he said.

Nicah walked out of their marriage after she accused the artist of cheating, physically and emotionally abusing her. The comedian on the other hand accused her of infidelity.

The duo have a lovely daughter together.

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