Easiest way to get clearance from CRB Kenya online

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Always since financial institutions like HELB, banks, SACCOs, and MPESA began listing debtors on CRB, the necessity to clear your name and improve your possibilities of getting a second loan have been on the increase. Lifting your debt is no longer adequate. You have to know that CRB clearance to regain your borrowing power (your credit score).

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Why Should You Care?

A CRB statement lets you know if you are booked as a loan defaulter or not. If CRB Kenya holds your name on its list of defaulters, you:

  • Have very minimal chances of being employed if your potential employer uses CRB records as hiring criteria. A lot of companies and institutions nowadays avoid hiring loan defaulters.
  • Any coverage company, be it car insurance or a personal health cover provider will charge you high-priced premiums compared to someone with a solid credit score
  • Asset financing or easy loans will be harder to come by. Banks or SACCOs won’t grant you money readily since they have every reason to believe that you won’t pay back

How to Get Clearance from CRB Kenya

In this exclusive post, we are going to approach this from two faces. In the first case here, we will assume that you are a good citizen who pays his or her debts in time. The second approach here will believe that you are an already listed defaulter attempting to get their name from CRB’s dreaded list.

Obtaining a CRB Clearance Certificate If Not Listed

When you are not placed on CRB, getting the report and clearance certificate is comparatively more straightforward. You’ll have to tender your application through a registered credit reference bureau in Kenya. You will have to pay Ksh. 2200 to get the certificate. Some of your options include:

  1. itaxCredit Info
  2. Credit Reference Bureau Africa Ltd t/a TransUnion
  3. Metropol Credit Reference

It is simple to tell if one is listed on CRB or if they are not listed. If you are a top of your financial life, you can say if you have any unsettled loans with:

  1. A bank
  2. Higher education loans board
  3. Mobile banking platforms
  4. An employer

You default a loan when you break its repayment terms and conditions. Defaulting your mortgage could be missing three consecutive instalments while defaulting a Safaricom MShwari loan is missing to repay on the stipulated date.

If you want to be so sure, you can get your credit report by sending registering with mobile-based platforms. SMS your name to 21272 and pay Ks. 50 to get a year report at no costa at all.

Step by step instructions to Get the CRB Clearance if You Are a Defaulter

When you have defaulted your debts and are listed, try to clear the loan with your defaulter, ie pay what you owe them. When it is a bank, and it is a big loan you can’t remove in one payment, walk to your local branch, renegotiate with your lender and come up with new instalments you can manage. You will need to clear your pending defaulted premiums to restore your credit score.

If that is impossible for you, then you will have to release your security, eg land to cover the loan and then clear your name.

Once you have fully settled your scores with the lender, it usually takes one day or two for your new CRB credit score ratings to reflect on CRB.

CRB Clearance How Long Does it Take

Now Give yourself up to three business days before applying for the certificate after doing your clearances. A day is though enough in some cases since banks send back daily reports to the CRB guys so technically your information should update on a regular basis.

The total time between the CRB Kenya clearance certificate request and certificate issuance differs depending on which institution that you choose to work with.

Note that A CRB certificate of authorisation is only valid for the day it is issued thanks to the daily borrowers’ record updates. At all times try to make an application just when you need it. A lot of institutions will not be happy with certificates that are months old. The Ks 2200 will be paid straight to your CRB of choice via a bank account or MPESA.


  1. Send your names to 21272
  2. Then, Enter your National ID number
  3. Choose CC (meaning Credit Status)
  4. You will then Receive your CRB status. Goodwill means you are not while default will say you are blacklisted


Office base: Prosperity House, Westlands Rd, Off Museum Hill in Westlands, Nairobi.

Mobile Number: +254 20 3751799 or 0730651000

Email address: info@transunion.com

Official website: http://www.transunionnipashe.co.ke


How To Register with Metropol,

  • One will require to pay Ksh. 50 as enrollment fees through their Paybill number 220388 and handle your national ID number as the account number.
  • You will later receive an SMS with your PIN details, a Reference Number and a special Link

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Easiest way to get clearance from CRB Kenya online

You will then go ahead to get several services that are offered by the company charged at a cost for instance credit Score at kes150, Credit Report at ksh250 and the Clearance Certificate at ksh2200. Metropol Kenya services can also be received through their website, dialing*433# and the Metropol crystobol app.


  • Office base: 9th Floor, Barclays Plaza, Loita Street, Nairobi  (the Metropol Credit Reference Bureau Limited)
  • Mobile Number:  +254709834000
  • Metropol Official websitehttp://metropol.co.ke/
To share with us anything Whatsapp or text on 0713457481 or email exposeke.com@gmail.com


  1. My name is John, I got a loan from kcb m-pesa, they listed me to crb for delaying payment, later on I cleared due amount plus a fee of 100. Please advise on how to clear from them coz I need more business in future.

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