Fashion Don'ts for Dating That You Should Know

Dating is a sensitive affair for both men and women, and fashion can determine whether a date will be a success or not. Women are more affected because being in fashion means a lot to them. Choosing what to wear for the date can be an uphill task. The challenge is that making mistakes can be a big turn off to your partner, especially if it is your first date.

For this reason, everyone must avoid popular fashion mistakes that are likely to mess things up. Go through the list below to know what these costly mistakes are and how to avoid them.

Avoid Trendy Fashions That Are Not Good on You

It is good to be trendy. In fact, most women want to look updated after reading fashion blogs and magazines. However, not all trendy attire will look good on you. According to fashion experts, your date is not the right place to try the newest clothing trends this world has to offer. A trend that looks bad on you is a big put-off to your partner, especially if they are sensitive. Both men and women should keep this in mind.

Avoid New High-Heeled Shoes

New shoes, no matter their type, may have various problems from being too small to being oversized. Sometimes, it is difficult to know immediately that they have a problem. Thus, you should avoid all new shoes, especially high-heeled shoes, because they can be a big disappointment on your date. If they happen to cause blisters, you may not be in a position to walk properly, and this will shift your focus to the pain instead of enjoying the date.

Avoid Heavy and Wrong Makeup

When doing casual dating or any other type, enhancing beauty through makeup is a must. However, many ladies tend to exaggerate the use of makeup. Or worse, they use the wrong type of makeup for their skin. Showing up for a date like this is not the best thing because it will put off any man. Your self-esteem will not be spared, either, especially after realizing that there is a problem with your makeup. The best thing to do is apply makeup in moderation.

Avoid Black Attire

Black looks executive. That black dress, shirt, or top that you own looks awesome, but it is not the right attire for your evening candlelit dinner. Black is associated with dullness, evil, and it will definitely have an effect on the mood of the evening. It is better to go for bright colors since they are warm and vibrant. Red is romantic, and other colors that are near this will be excellent for a date.

Avoid Being Unkept

Being unkempt is a fashion disaster. Many men are culprits of this. One thing for sure is that a person who shows up for a date like this shows a lack of seriousness in life. Women prefer men who are sensitive on how they look because it means that they will do anything to appear neat.

If all of the above are avoided during a date, all will go well for both of you. The moment will be full of joy and love.



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