West Pokot current Governor John Lonyangapuo is one hell of a fun spirit, literally.

This, the humorous governor has proved countless times as he runs the podium to address wananchi, be it in his county or away.

The governor freshly cracked Kenyans after a video of him using a public street slang ”walambane” in one of his latest addresses surfaced.

Lonyangapuo was recently caught on camera sharing the achievements of his county and urging his people always to love each other and consider unity.

In his speech, the governor explained how his government was planning to change the lives of street urchins in the area.

It was during his progressive talk on development when he asked West Pokot residents to love each other and stay collectively in peace.

While his message was clear and honest, his pronunciation or rather context left the wananchi in stitches as well as other Kenyans who subsequently accessed the video through various social media platforms like facebook.

”Enemies come to steal and destroy, I want to tell you that it doesn’t matter which tribe you come from. I want you to lick (mulambane) and love your neighbours. It doesn’t matter which party you come from,” Governor Lonyangapuo told the wananchi.
His statement stirred countless Kenyans who shared a viral video of him making the ”wamlambez” comment online and cracked silly.

It should be noted that this is not the first the governor is moving the country with his comic moves.

Lonyangapuo recently made the headlines after his ”kijana fupi round” sentiments which left the whole country cracking.

Bikenya News reported earlier the governor who was speaking during a public rally in his county was caught on video describing his specific critic as short, fat and round that one could not decipher his stomach from his back.


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