Hamissa Mobetto

– An account belonging to one of Hamissa Mobetto’s children further fueled rumors of a reunion

– Hamissa’s son was seemingly gushing over his parents who on Sunday warmed up to each other

– This was at an event which was attended by two of Diamond’s ex lovers

– Photos that are hitting the internet show some undeniable chemistry between Diamond and Hamissa

Tanzanian socialite Hamissa Mobetto’s son Daylan continued to fuel speculation of a possible reunion between Diamond Platnumz and his mother after sharing a sweet photo on Instagram.

Diamond’s relationship with Ugandan businesslady Zari Hassan ended on February 14 when Zari cited several cheating sprees by the singer as the key factor that led to the fall of their union.

Hamissa Mobetto's son induces jealousy after hinting at Diamond's reunion with his mom

Both Hamissa Mobetto and Wema Sepetu were present at the Sinema Zetu Awards on Sunday. Photo: Courtesy

Since then, several ladies have been closely linked to Diamond as rumors of him getting back together with his baby mother Hamissa continue to rock the internet.

As exposeke.com reported earlier, Diamond Platinumz and his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto, on Sunday, March 1, caused an uproar online after they openly showed affection towards each other.

Hamissa Mobetto's son induces jealousy after hinting at Diamond's reunion with his mom

Diamond’s chemistry with Hamissa Mobetto was almost undeniable. Photo: Daylan/Instagram

In an event that was incidentally also attended by another one of Diamond’s exes Wema Sepetu, the singer seemed to show more attention to Hamissa if the photos that surfaced online are anything to go by.

Seemingly excited by the rare union between the ex-couple, an Instagram account belonging to Hamissa Mobetto’s son Daylan could not resist rubbing more salt on team Zari-Diamond by sharing one of the photo which summed up the day.

The 7-month-old Daylan is obviously too young to share photos on Instagram – an indication that perhaps it was his mother who was milking the moment she shared with Diamond.

Since Diamond Platnumz admitted to having a fling with Hamissa and ultimately conceding a baby, things have been fairly smooth between the two. Should we expect another surprise?


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