hot selling online products in kenya-what to sell online

Kenya is a country with over 20 million adults and the best part is most Kenyans are currently embracing the purchase of online products rather than visiting a physical shop. That is good news to many Kenyans who on the other hand are aspiring to start an online store or business. Without further ado, we have compiled a list of best selling products online in Kenya currently. These products are on high demand and if you work out your plans well then you may reap big from the profits.


Includes Jackets, Tshirts, bow ties etc, the demand is not only hot but also on the rise.

2.Mobile phones

You can choose to sell either a single brand or overall, any phone brand of your choice.


May sound weird to you but there is a high demand for this commodity online.

4.Women handbags

You will not regret starting to sell these products, even though the competition is high, you can still get a good number of clients.

Nobody hates new shoe arrivals, be the first on the market to display them.


Be it Tv, Radio, memory cards, they all move so fast online.


8.Women hair

9.Women hair products

10.General fashion products



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