How To Apply For AMREF Internships-Amref application form

AMREF has its main offices in Nairobi which serve all East Africa Countries. The organisation gives both international and local internships in various fields. Interns are inspired to work as by doing this they will be obtaining extra skills as well as delivering back to the society. Interns at AMREF are opened to various aspects of the organisation’s programmes causing them to emerge as intellectuals and ready for the dynamic job market. It is necessary to that all internship opportunities are awarded based on the goals of AMREF. To be an intern at AMREF, you have to apply and chosen by AMREF.

People who are legible for the AMREF internship are students undertaking courses at post-graduate, diploma, degree, or doctoral levels. The placement is tailored to help both the student and the organisation. The Internship usually is offered for a period of three months though it can be extended to a maximum of half a year with the interns working for forty hours per week.
Internship placing at AMREF takes place twice a year, in March and September strictly for people applying from Africa. Applicants from other continents are placed in July and October every year. All applications are normally processed at least three months prior to starting of the internship.

Internship qualification Requirements

To qualify for this internship, you must:

  • Define why to prefer AMREF for placement and the benefits that will be gained after completion of the course.
  • Present an internship application to the relevant human resource office through the address provided
  • Show programme of training approved by the institution
  • Show the field of academic specialisation or field where training is required.
  • Add supporting letters from the institution

Interns are hired after an advertisement by the AMREF at its website. Ordinarily, the type of interns required is shown plus the internship period. For further information visit AMREF official website

Selection Criteria

  • Interns shall be selected through notices on the Amref Health Africa website, showing the type of interns required, the period each is wanted, and the deadline for applying for the internship.
  • The individual HR office shall regulate applications and interviews for internships in partnership with the requisitioning programme head or a representative.
  • Determination will be based on the job description prepared for this mission, and the best-suited candidates will be selected.

Applications will be made using the application form and sent to the email address of the Amref Health Africa office giving the internship. (See the list below. – Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia – Amref Health Africa in West Africa – Amref Health Africa in Kenya Check AMREF Kenya contacts. – Amref Health Africa in Uganda – Amref Health Africa in Tanzania – Amref Health Africa Headquarters – Amref Health Africa in South Africa – Amref Health Africa in South Sudan




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