How to Become Telkom Kenya T-Kash Agent-T-Kash requirements

How to Become Telkom Kenya T-Kash Agent-T-Kash requirements

T Kash is a money sending service that was introduced by the Telecommunication company Telkom. Just like Safaricom’s M-Pesa, T-Kash also has their outlets and agents where other Kenyans can make their transactions. Starting a T Kash agent shop is not complicated, and you will need a few credentials to get set up and start earning the commission.

Business Requirements of becoming T kash agent

  • Certificate of inclusion for limited companies, certificate of registration for Sole Proprietor, and a Partnership deed for Partners.
  • An agent should have at least three shops that are ready to offer  T-kash services.
  • Minimum float of at least KShs.100, 000 for the *Agency Head Office.
  • Valid Bank statements for at least the last six months.
  • Business should have been in excistence for at least six months.
  • Minimum purchase of 100 lines.

T Kash Agent Staff requirements

  • Head office computer.
  • Official line and email.
  • Good Internet connectivity
  • A printer for printing reports.
  • At least one staff to handle head office operations.
  • Any other equipment to conduct the business like; pens,desks, chairs, stationery, and a pay point.

Bases and their maintenance

Operators must stick to Telkom Kenya branding and merchandising standards. (Min requirements to be communicated to the Agents in advance).

Exceptional Requirements
Stand-alone Agents
This Includes buildings,  banks, supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, and exchange bureaus.

The Requirements:

  • Minimum float of Ks 200,000 in the main office.
  • Minimum of 1 branch.

Special category


  • Remote locations.
  • Partial Agents for special purposes – to be approved from time to time.
  • Unique operations (Hospitals).

Compulsory Documentation
The original scanned copies MUST be presented for confirmation at the time of handing in the application.
Requirements for Telkom Kenya partners

  • Completed T-kash Agent application forms.
  • A Valid CR12 Form, or equivalent papers showing the list of directors (3 months valid).
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Registration.
  • Copies of national IDs for the Administration Officers and Agent assistants as stated in the application forms.

Requirements for Non-Telkom Kenya partners

  • Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent.
  • Copies of IDs and passport photos of Directors or persons playing an equivalent role.
  • A brief profile of the company.
  • Form CR12 or an equivalent, should be valid for the last three months.
  • Business Permits for each of the outlets.
  • Copy of VAT and/or PIN Certificate where applicable.
  • Copy of Articles and Memorandum of Association.
  • Certificate of Good Conduct for the Directors.
  • A list of the outlets.
  • Copies of valid IDs of the Office Administrators and Agent assistants, as stated in application forms.
  • Dully Completed T-kash Agent application forms.
  • Completed Board Resolution or Personal Declaration form by the Directors or persons in equivalent roles.
  • Proof of a minimum of six months company bank statements.

Conditions for Stand-Alone Agents
As described in the requirements for Non-Telkom Kenya associates, bank statements are not necessary for financial organisations.


  • Certificate of Registration.
  • List of branches.
  • Completed T-kash Agent Application forms.
  • Certificate of Good Conduct of Executive Committee Members.
  • Form CR14/Annual Returns to the Commission of Co-operatives.
  • By-laws.
  • The SACCO’s PIN Certificate.
  • Brief profile of SACCO.
  • Copies of passport photos of Executive Committee Members.
  • Copies of IDs of the Office Administrators and Primary Assistants as indicated in the application forms.
  • Duly filled T-kash contract.
  • Business permits of the Head Office and each of the outlets.
  • Dully Completed Personal Declaration forms of Executive Committee Staff.
  • Introduction letter from Registrar of Cooperatives, District/Provincial Registrar, with the names of the Executive Officer, valid for the last 3 months.

Sub-Agency obligations
Compulsory Documentations

  • Valid Business Permit.
  • Passport photos of Director/s and Administrator/s.
  • Copies of valid IDs of Owner/s and/or Administrator/s.

Float Essentials
A Minimum float of Ks 50,000 and keep a minimum balance of Ks 20,000.

Premise structure
Should be a Permanent structure.

The Team
Team should have a minimum of KCSE certification.

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