1XBET Kenya

1XBET is fast growing to become one of the front-runners about sports betting in Kenya. Some of the things which really make it the darling of many is its jackpot which can go up to Ksh 200 million and more than 10000 people have a chance to win big daily. It additionally offers a 200% bonus on your first bet. Nonetheless, there are times one makes an error when placing a bet and wants to cancel the bet. 1XBET offers its customers the opportunity to cancel the wrong bet. Here is a how one can cancel their wrong bet on 1XBet.

How to Cancel a 1XBET Bet Online

A wrongly placed bet on 1XBET Kenya can be quickly canceled/sold at a fee. Here is step by step on how to go about cancelling an already placed bet:

  • Go to the 1XBET official website and log into your account
  • Go to your 1xbet bet history
  • Select the wrongly placed bet that you want to cancel
  • Click on more details
  • Select on the cancel bet
  • Your bet will be canceled at a little fee

How to cancel a 1XBET bet through SMS

You can cancel a wrongly placed 1Xbet bet by sending an SMS 29021

  • Send the word CANCEL then followed by the bet ID i.e., CANCEL#1234 to 29021
  • Wait for a confirmation message
  • If the bet cancellation is successful, you will instantly receive a confirmation notification confirming the cancellation.

Rather than making a betting mistake and start canceling the bet, it is likewise important to observe the below discreet betting tips to avoid making the wrong bet:

  • Go to the 1XBET official website
  • Select your favorite teams to place your bet on
  • Select your bets
  • Before confirming your stake, counter check if your selections are right
  • If they are right, you can continue to finalize the bet by sending
  • If the bet is then wrong, you can go back and Adjust the bet as you want

Conditions for Canceling a Bet on 1Xbet

  • Note that You will be charged a fee for the cancellation
  • The cancellation process can be done immediately before and during the event
  • You can’t cancel after the game ends

1 Xbet Contacts

You may still be having issues with ixbet. If so, here are some useful contacts to reach 1xbet customer support team

Use the live chat option on 1Xbet site

Leave your phone number to get a call from ixbet Here

Phone : 0-800-600-070

Whatsapp number : +254 702 400 200


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