How to check CRB status online in Kenya

How to check CRB status online in Kenya

When someone mentions the word CRB, it sends a sharp spine along the hearts of many loans taking individuals more so from Mpesa and new credit lending institutions. Even if you ask them the real definition of the word, CRB which stands for credit reference bureaus in Kenya where loan donors submit the details of individuals who fail to repay their credit and they go with a motto Negligence is never anything to maintain your loan to end.

Another question that people ask themselves are we listed with the CRB? Alternatively, how do I check my CRB loan status online in Kenya? Inside our Country, we have three institutions with clearance to check on none performing loans, Transunion, Metropol and CreditInfo. Moreover, for one to obtain their credit details, they have to register with either one or all of the required Credit Reference Bureaus. The big reason as to why it is recommended that you check your details with all the CRBs is because lenders sometimes do send details to all companies, therefore, necessitating clearing CRB status from all companies, today we are going to tell you online ways on how to check an individual’s CRB status online;

1. Metropol

With Metropol, the initial step is to locate Metropol website or download Metropol Cristobal app or dial *433# This is a timely response to many who want to know how to look for CRB status online in Kenya utilising mobile.

If you have chosen to enrol with Metropol, next follow the following steps keenly.

To Register With Metropol

  • The initial step is to Pay Ksh 50 as registration cost through the Paybill digits 220388.
  • Enter your national ID number as the account number.
  • Next, You will get an SMS including your unique Code details, a special Link, a Reference Number.

The following step is to locate Metropol services upon payment of the registration fees;

  • Dial *433# and input your Identification Number and you will then get your details via the SMS.
  • Another option is by Metropol crystobol application within your cell phone.
  • Alternatively, you can visit the Metropol website and log in to view your CRB status.

Metropol also offers to arrange of services, and you can make payment using the same steps showing when checking CRB status online in Kenya.

  • A Credit Score of ksh 150. One has the right to one free account report in a year. Metropol awards points between 200 and 900, and with any points below 400 will interpret that you’re a defaulter and lenders cannot give you any loans. A score above 400 will mean fair, and lenders will be in a position to provide you with loans with much caution. A good credit score is any score close to 900, and preceding lenders will offer you cheap loans.
  • For one to get a Credit Report, you will be expected to Pay Ksh 250; This is a report profoundly explaining how you interact with financial institutions.
  • To find out who listed you to CRB, you are expected to pay Ksh 50 to identify who forwarded your name to the CRB.
  • Moreover, finally, to obtain a Clearance Certificate, one will be asked to Pay Ksh 2200. Following clearing all your defaulted loans, you will be issued with a clearance certificate from CRB.

2. How to check CRB status in Kenya online using TransUnion

The following are numerous methods one can Check their CRB status online in Kenya from TransUnion CRB

  1. Initially, you can send an SMS to number 21272
  2. Second is by TransUnion CRB app called, TransUnion Nipashe app
  3. Moreover, third through TransUnion website.

If you choose to check your state with TransUnion understand the steps below:

Register with TransUnion by:

  1. Send your full names to 21272
  2. Enter your ID number
  3. Choose CC (for Credit Status)

Upon getting your CRB status as valid this will mean a favourable situation that is to say you are not blacklisted on CRB, upon receiving a default message it will indicate a negative status means that you are blacklisted

You can also use Other TransUnion Services including:

  • A Credit Report one is entitled an absolutely free credit report in a year, and upon payment of Ks 650 to Paybill, number 212121 and the account number should be your national ID to access more than one report in a year.
  • One can also get a Clearance Certificate superimposed payment of Ks 2200 to Paybill number 212121 and use your national ID number as the account number. To get your CRB clearance certificate, you will be required to register on TransUnion website using your email address. After payment, you can claim your license by sending your Mpesa message to

3. How to check your CRB Status online through CreditInfo

CreditInfo entirely operates on the information they receive through emails. Nonetheless, first you will be needed to fill;yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - How to check CRB status online in Kenya

Online credit request form to gain access to your certificate of clearance.
Moreover, if you feel that your Credit Report Contains incorrect information, you will be asked to fill Credit report Dispute form.

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