How to Check if your Driving Licence Is Original in Kenya

Your driving licence works as the authority that authorises you to drive any class of motor vehicle on the country’s roadways. Other than holding a provisional licence that has been approved in respect of a distinct type of vehicle, no one is authorised to drive on Kenyan roads unless he/she possesses a valid driving licence. Luckily, you can access any service concerning driving licence Kenya online.

Driving licence requirements

The requirements that should be met for one to acquire a driving licence

A licensing administrator won’t award a driving licence to applicants who satisfy the following conditions:

1. The applicant should undoubtedly satisfy the licensing officer that:

  • He/she has passed a competency examination of driving the particular class of vehicle and possessed a certificate of competence
  • She/He holds a legitimate driving licence for the class of vehicle that has been awarded by a credible jurisdiction in a commonwealth country.
  • He/she holds a universal driving permit.

2. The applicant should make a statement on whether he/she suffers from a disease or physical disability that could cause his driving of a motor vehicle to be hazardous to the public.

3. The applicant needs to be able to read with or without glasses, a vehicle number plate registration from a span of twenty-five meters. Partially/totally blind candidates are not allowed to hold a driving licence.

How to check if my driving licence is original in Kenya online

It is easy to check whether your driving licence is authentic or fake. The e-citizen is an online based portal where that presents driving license status analysis. The portal assists as the sole gateway to all services administered by the government. Another perfect option is the KRA RTD driving licence checker on the official KRA website. You can opt for an NTSA driving permit verification by downloading the NTSA application from the Google Play store. With these straightforward solutions, you will have the appropriate answers to ‘how to know if my license is valid in Kenya’.

How to renew your driving license

You will start with logging into the NTSA portal and sign up/register to get your e-citizen account. You will only be asked to give your Identity card number as well as your initial name as it resembles on your National ID. After successfully creating the account, applicants are redirected to a different window displaying the services offered on the portal. The facilities include a driving test, applications for a provisional driving license, and interim driving license. Additional services include duplicate driving license, driving class endorsement, corrections on driving license information. Nevertheless, you should select the driving license renewal option.

How to Check if your Driving Licence Is Original in Kenya

Once you’ve opened the interface, you will get guidelines for the process. You only require the Driver’s License Reference Number on the first page of the license. The fees imposed are Ks. 600 and a convenience fee of Ksh. 50 for a year, and Ksh. 1,400 and a comparable convenience fee for three years. Once you are done, you can click on ‘Apply now’.

A new window interface will come up where you will be required to fill in your Driving license reference number and also the renewal period. You will then pick a mode of payment, and the options include M-Pesa and debit/credit card systems. Once you’re done here with the payment, submission of the details, and followed by printing of license renewals slip, you will be good to go. Moreover, note that you can carry out KRA driving licence replacement and driving permit number lookup on their online portal.



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