How to Deposit Money to I&M Bank Account via M-PESA

How to Deposit Money to I&M Bank Account via M-PESA

I and M bank is one of the fastest growing regional bank at the moment, with several bank branches locates all over the country. I&M Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary company of I&M Holdings PLC, a publicly quoted finance company at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE). I and M bank possess a rich heritage in banking, particularly mobile banking. I&M Bank headquartered in Kenya has a fast-growing regional presence currently extending to Mauritius, Tanzania and even Rwanda. With that said, we are going to discuss how to Deposit Money to I&M Bank Account via M-PESA using I&M paybill number 542542.

Prep Time 1 minute
Active Time 1 minute
Additional Time 1 minute
Total Time 3 minutes


  1. Go to Safaricom SIM Tool Kit on your phone, select M-PESA menu
  2. select “Lipa Na M-PESA“ option
  3. Select “Pay Bill“ option
  4. Select “Enter Business no.“ Enter I&M Bank’s Lipa Na M-PESA PayBill Number 542542, then press “OK.”
  5. Select “Enter Account no.“ Enter your I&M Bank Account Number (e.g. 0100 xxxx xxxx) press “OK”
  6. “Enter Amount,“ Enter the total amount that you wish to deposit and press “OK.”
  7. Enter your M-PESA PIN, then press “OK.”
  8. Confirm that all the details are correct and then press “OK.”


M-PESA HAKIKISHA by Safaricom, You will get a notification with the intended recipient’s name e.g., “Pay I&M Bank KS1,000.00 for Account 0100 xxxx xx xx Press 1 within 20 seconds to cancel this transaction.” To stop a wrong transaction, Enter “1” or any letter and press Send within 20 seconds. Pressing “Cancel” will perform the transaction.


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