How to Cook soft delicious Mandazi-mandazi recipe

Your family members are already stuffed up with boring everyday meals? You are organising a party and have no idea how to surprise your guests? The answer is obvious – crunchy Mandazi! Try this new Mandazi recipe, a delightful Kenyan desert. Your sweet coffee time has never been so good.

If you have never discovered about Mandazi, here’s a short explanation and a bit of its history. Mandazi or if you like, Swahili Bun is small fried bread famous mostly in East Africa, coastal Swahili section of our country and Tanzania. It is the most picked dish during the coffee breaks, tastes good with tea for breakfast and as a snack during main dishes. Honestly speaking, Mandazi is an excellent addition to any meal. Several people claim that African fried bread is somehow similar to the famous American doughnuts. Nevertheless, Mandazi buns are not that sweet, and original Kenya Mandazi ingredients don’t contain sugar glaze.

So, how about a bite of some soft Mandazi for dessert? Continue reading below, and you will find out the best Mandazi recipe.

First of all, before beginning, you will need to prepare all the ingredients. For a regular African Mandazi recipe you will have to get:

  • Two cups of heated water. Room temperature will be perfect.
  • Two teaspoons of baking powder. If you don’t have one of the spoons like this, you may use a teaspoon of dry yeast.
  • Three and a half cups of regular white flour.
  • A half cup of white sugar.
  • A pinch of seasoning. You can use anything that you want – cinnamon, ginger, cardamom etc. Still, try not to go too far with spices.
  • Two tablespoons of butter. If you don’t have some butter, you may use margarine or yet vegetable oil. They won’t ruin the primary taste.
  • Half a cup of hot milk. This ingredient here .is optional. If you or any of your family member is allergic to lactose, you are free to skip this ingredient.
  • One egg. The egg has to be somewhat beaten. It is also an elective ingredient.
  • Some pinch of salt on the tip of the knife
  • Some soft vegetable oil to add in the end to limit burning

When all ingredients are dressed, you may start cooking.

Step 1. If you have put the Mandazi ingredients in the fridge, make sure they have heated up to room temperature before doing anything. If you have picked dry yeast instead of baking powder, you will have to combine it with two teaspoons of heated water.

Step 2. Pick up a large mixing bowl, where you will blend flour with the following components – baking powder (provided yeast, if you don’t have any powder), handy spice and half cup sugar. Take another extra bowl and mix butter (or another preferred ingredient) with water, milk and eggs. Blend this mixture with flour. Don’t forget to press the dough all the time to bypass clod formation. In case you don’t use eggs and milk, add some extra water. Continue pressing until the dough becomes sleek and stretchy. This process normally takes from ten to fifteen minutes. If you use baking powder, you can let the dough to rest there for a couple of minutes. The condition is different with the dry yeast. In this case, you will need to put the dough in a bowl, then cover it with cloth and put in a dark spot with room temperature.

How to Cook soft delicious Mandazi-mandazi recipe
Step 3. When the dough is ready, separate it into several small pieces. Take the dough parts and transform them into little balls. Take a sharp knife and cut the newly formed balls into halves.

Step 4. Heat a couple of cups of ready vegetable oil up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit in a metallic made pot or a deep skillet. Place the dough halves into the oil and fry them until they become golden brown from both sides. Please don’t forget to turn them from time to time. Pay attention, that you can only cook a couple of Mandazi at one time. Oppositely, they will stick together. Place the toasted buns on a piece of paper to eliminate the excess oil.

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Now that you know how to make soft, delicious Mandazi, you will always have a pleasing dessert idea either for coffee breaks or breakfast. Moreover, the best thing is, that you can get various variations of soft Mandazi recipe. For instance, add three tablespoons of dried coconut to the flour and appreciate delicious Mandazi with coconut taste. Experiment with your African Mandazi recipe and satisfy your relatives with Swahili Bun.


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