Appointment letter

If you are an employer or an employee, you might have already come across an appointment letter. An appointment letter is simply a legal document that describes the decision of the employer to hire a selected candidate. It outlines such details as benefits, payments, and any other expectations such as employee reporting time, work station assigned, and the working time.

Sample and appointment letter writing guides: An appointment letter is normally written by the employer to the selected candidate in an interview session, letting them understand their selection to the job they had applied for. As an employer below are some of the professional guidelines on how to come up with an impressive letter of appointment;

How to write a letter of appointment

  • Commence your appointment letter by clearly indicating your address, name, title, and your company name. Do not forget to add the date of correspondence just underneath your address details.
  • Accurately include the name of the receiver their address in your appointment letter. Since you already met and know them to use the proper salutation. It sounds more polite.
  • Let your appointment letter topic line clearly tell the receiver at first glimpse of what your letter is all about.
  • Begin the letter by confirming to the receiver of their selection of the position while clearly indicating the reporting date. If you need them to visit the office on an early date for the contract signing, let them know while explicitly indicating the date and time to avoid inconvenience.
  • If your company has a probation time, let your receiver know. Remember to cover the period of probation and other aspects that might be affected such as wages during that period and thereafter.
  • Keep in mind to discuss details on relevant tax deductions and bonuses on your invitation letter.
  • Details such as the frequency of travels and potential transfers make an important feature of your letter of appointment.
  • Before signing off the appointment letter, remind the receiver of their scheduled duties and obligations in relation to their office.
  • Sign off your letter of appointment officially with full names, signature, official organization stamp, and seal.

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Example/Sample appointment letter

Appointment letter

Appointment letter sample Appointment letter sample Appointment letter sample

Appointment letter best practices

Here is an outline of what to do and what you shouldn’t do while writing the letter of appointment.


  • Do indicate the position that the applicant has applied for.
  • Do reread your appointment letter multiple times, to make sure everything is okay.
  • Do avoid having a high and monotonous tone in your letter. Sound as friendly as possible.
  • Ensure your letter is as detailed as possible.


  • Don’t go over one page just because you’re not trying to write a memoir.
  • Don’t try to sound funny/humorous and witty since this might make you sound very unprofessional.
  • Don’t try to sugar-coat things by providing false flattery and just be honest with this.


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