Jeff and Jalang'o

Kenyan comedian Felix Odiwuor popularly Jalang’o has been forced to come clean on his alleged beef with his former Hot 96 co-host, Jeff Koinange.

Jalango strongly refuted reports of a fallout between himself and former colleague Jeff Koinange

In a post he shared on Sunday, Jalango said that Jeff Koinange did not call him stupid as it has been alleged and that he would never do that because of the respect they have for one another.

Jeff and Jalang'o


Jalango, who unexpectedly called it quits with Hot 96 FM, took to his social media to set the record straight after damaging reports emerged claiming he had fallen out with 52-year old Jeff

The two ruled the airwaves with their witty morning show Jeff and Jalas and many tipped them to be the next big thing in Kenyan radio. But less than a year and a half after joining the Royal Media based station, Jalas, against the odds, quit with his eyes set on Milele FM for a possible reunion with his former partner in crime Alex Mwakideu.

His exit from Hot 96 did not ride well with a few fans who apparently turned to publicity to jab at the comedian.

A video that leaked online shows  Jeff supposedly making some derogatory remarks about him.

Because of all the  hypothesis concerning why he quit such a prominent radio show, a chafed Jalang’o took to Instagram to clarify his situation.

“I have received so many calls asking me why I left Hot 96 and why I parted ways with Jeff when the show was such an amazing gig and everything was just perfect. Now here is not why I left! There is this story doing rounds that Jeff abused me or called me stupid and blogs have picked it and making everyone be live that it’s the reason why I left! No, Jeff did not call me stupid! What the blogs have done is pick a Part of our conversation and edited it to feed this lie! Jeff and I had and still do have the best relationship ever! Jeff actually knew that I was leaving and wished me well. I have since called Jeff and we had the best conversation and the show must and will go on without me Hot 96 is a big brand. So let no one lie to you that Jeff abused me…he would never do that because of the respect we have for each other. ,” his post read.

While he did not necessarily come clean on why he decided to call it quits, rumor has it  that the comedian received an offer he simply could not resist from Milele FM.