Jazika Loan App

Jazika loan App Kenya is one of Kenya’s Mobile Loans Apps controlled and developed by Jazika Ventures. The mobile loan app enables you to access quick loan from your phone when you need.

No one likes the sensation of having an empty pocket at any time while there are tons of loan apps available, it is at these times when our bellies make fun of us delivering grumbles and hunger we never felt. With Jazika Loan App download, nevertheless, you actually can get some really quick cash without even noticing it.

Tip: Kenyans are currently falling in love with mobile loan apps that are also on the rise. This has led to thousands of people, especially the youth being blacklisted in CRB. Don’t take a loan that you can’t afford to pay.

Jazika Loan App benefits

Here Below are some of the key features that will leave you wishing that you knew this loan App a little bit earlier.

1. Easy, Fast and Secure Login

While other mobile loan apps in Kenya might let you log in, request loans and even make payments without guaranteeing security, Jazika Loan App enables you to insert your password before logging in at any time or making any decisions about the app, this relieves you of the burden of someone impersonating and taking a credit on behalf of you which might even lead to incidences like CRB blacklisting.

This makes Jazika a secure and straightforward place to get credit directly to your M-PESA. Right?

2. Interactive Interface

Jazika Loan App Kenya has an interactive and mobile-friendly Menu that really mingles well with your smartphone UI, It has an uncomplicated menu from where you can easily Apply for a loan, check your loans balances and dues and time due and check your current account status. At Jazika loan you can additionally invite friends and get discounts.

Jazika App furthermore lets you get answers to problems that you may have or even communicate with them directly in case you have any issues you need to be solved.

3. A 5 Minute Application

With the easy to achieve requirements and steps to apply for a quick loan. The new Jazika Application lets you make fast loan application in literally less than 5 minutes, not kidding. The vetting procedure does not take that long as compared to some companies. You get instant feedback on what amount of money you can borrow at that moment and why they don’t leave you hanging.

Jazika Loan App additionally has made it easy to repay for the Loans. You get the credit through M-PESA. And repay it via the platform too with easy to follow steps.

Jazika Loan App download steps

It is pretty easy to download Jazika loan app to your mobile phone.

  • First, Visit the Google Play Store
  • Install the App to your smartphone
  • open Jazika app
  • create an account.
  • apply for a loan

How to repay your Jazika Loan

  • Go to M-PESA Menu
  • Enter Jazika PayBill number 687035
  • Enter the Business Number, which in this circumstance will be your phone number
  • Enter the total amount you want to pay
  • Enter Pin then you are done.

Flexible repayment plan

Although mobile loans have been on the high rise recently, many loaning companies have been taking advantage of this situation and making the most out of their clients; This is by charging high-interest rates with lower durations of payments.

Not with Jazika app, Jazika gives you a very flexible payment plan of up to 30 days with just 5-33% interest on the money borrowed. Jazika application also does not charge multiple penalties. This indicates you will not have to care about removing your name with the CRB any time soon.

This is an additional tip. Imagine waking up one day and being turned down at a job you needed just because of that Ksh 500.00 that you borrowed from an app? Not good right? We don’t like that either.

Jazika Contacts

Phone number: 254705099014

Email address:admin@jazikaventures.co.ke

Then what are you waiting for? Get the Jazika Loan App to your smartphone via the Google Play Store and let us hear your feedback too.



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