Kenya Business Name Search and Registration guide

Registrar of Companies in Kenya is in care of the enrollment of all businesses and organisations in Kenya. This task involves the issuance of foreign companies with the certificate of assent, assigning local firms their licenses of association, as well as giving the certificate of registration to partnerships and sole proprietorships. All firms are then expected to be registered with the Kenya Revenue Authority, and the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). Moreover, the firms are required to get business licenses from the County Government according to the type of business.

Kenya Business Name Search and Registration guide
Enrollment for all companies and businesses (partnerships and sole proprietorships) can be performed via the e citizen platform. Nevertheless, registration for Limited Liability Partnerships is still performed manually at the company registry. All verified and registered companies in Kenya go through a similar registration process, although the costs and requirements vary. This incorporates unlimited companies, companies limited by guarantee, and those that are defined by shares.

Companies that have previously been incorporated outside Kenya can enrol as a branch or subsidiary of a foreign company. They will get a certificate of compliance as proof that all the conditions have been met.

Business name search in Kenya

Online business name search in Kenya has caused it more accessible to conduct a business name search. The office of the attorney general manages the process. In order to do the business name search online, you will need to click on the Attorney General office on your eCitizen portal. Know that you can only submit one name per application. You are also not permitted to modify an existing business name. Furthermore, business names are prepared on weekdays within 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. This process is crucial as it also gives business contacts in Kenya.

Kenya Business name registration

To enlist a business name in Kenya, you are required to meet the following requirements:

  1. Present the proposed name of the business for a name search approval.
  2. Explain briefly the nature of the proposed business and the activities that the firm will be undertaking.
  3. Present the names of all the proprietors in full.
  4. The postal address for the intended business name.
  5. Highlight the real address of the proposed business. This includes the plot number, town, name of the adjacent road, and county.
  6. Present copies of the proprietor’s or partners’ national ID or Passport.
  7. Pre sent the proprietors’ passport photos.
  8. Ava il copies of the proprietor’s PIN Certificate.

Below is how to register a business name in Kenya step by step online

In Kenya, it is certain that you can do a business name search and registration online in less than seven minutes. What you have to do is visit and follow these steps:

Step one – Registering at

Please enter your first name correctly the way it appears on your national ID or Passport. You will later follow by inserting your ID number as well as your phone number. To initiate your account, you have to open the link sent to your email address.

Step two – Confirmation of registration

You will now get an SMS on your phone verifying that your e citizen account is active and valid. You will next go back to the homepage with a dashboard holding five agencies. These include:

  • Ministry of Land, Housing & Urban Development
  • Office of Attorney General and Department of Justice
  • Department of Immigration Services
  • National Transport and Safety Authority

Step three – Submit your business name

Choose Office of The Attorney General and Department of Justice. Click on the business registration or business name search. Since you will have finished the business name search, you will only click Proceed, then review and present your entry. A name search letter and Ks 150 invoice will be created.

Step four – Pay the invoice

This step incorporates making payments for the application. You can use M-Pesa, credit/prepaid cards/debit, or an eCitizen agent. For MPesa, you will use business number 206206.

Step five – Getting confirmation of business name registration!

Upon getting a reply from Mpesa, you can then click on the complete button. Your business name application will be queued, and you will get the feedback on whether yours is amongst the registered companies in Kenya within one working day.

It is now simple to have a certified company in Kenya related to a few years back when you could take many months to get that certificate of registration.

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