Love is an excellent thing, and it is even great when it advances to another level for the lovebirds.

It is for that precise reason there are occasions like during proposals, through which love couples express each party how serious they are with the relationship and would treasure to take it a notch higher.

Ladies, being the emotional ones we know are said to be big fans of waterworks, slightly crying whenever a guy goes down on one knee to pop the question.

Well, wanted to find out why most women cry after being proposed to hence thought it wise to research on it’s 2.8 million followers on Facebook, and the result was hilarious AF filled with different reactions from Kenyans.

1. Ladies go through a lot while they are in courtship, talk of cheating by men, abuse, lack of enough confidence if he will pick on her for a wife, breakups and all the dramas. At this time she feels like its a fantasy, these tears are for joy and all the past that she went through.

2. Women cry because they don’t know what is behind that man’s zip, tears down saying “Lord let this not be a toothpick again am tired nah” lol

3. That’s a symbol women do use to fool up men, they are liars, you might find out that giving birth is not even painful but they all pretend.

4. When they think of the far future and the grief they are going to face in the union.

5. The ring is just too painful, don’t argue with science!

6. Pitying the guy for the tough times ahead.

7. Which ladies, I didn’t cry and am not a man.

8. Because women are just too emotional that they can cry just for anything sweet or bitter, good or bad.

9. They cry because it is the only thing they can do to hide their contempt for that ‘fool’! It’s a way of saying, ‘how could you be so dumb to presume that you can tame me into a zero grazed animal?’

10. Because of the hidden sins, they are going to engage in that marriage including killing the very same husband, you have to cry in advance.

11. Because it is not simple to get a man nowadays that would go to that extent.

12. Ladies found that being “order of every proposal” so they are simply carrying it forward for the sake of their daughters.

13. We found our forefathers crying, we have to follow tradition, it is like a ritual. Why do men kneel when proposing?


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