Sean Andrew

Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrews Kibaki sounds like have landed another lady months after his breakup with popular YouTuber Elodie Zone if his recent social media post is an asset to go by.

The dread-locked fashioned young lad who has been giving ladies sleepless nights somewhow dropped hints of having found a new bae after staying in the cold for over a year.

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Standing alone is always better than standing with those who don't value you… be yourself and know your worth

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Posting that to Instagram on Sunday, June 3, Sean shared a photo of a nicely set up Arabian themed room revealing how excited he was to spend time with someone very special to him.

As per his caption, it is clear the young lad spent an entire weekend with his ‘special’ someone a gatewate experience.

”When you just want to go on that weekend getaway with that special someone. Mood. Ps: Don’t ask where this is, because it’s a secret ,’‘ he wrote.

Sean’s cryptic message came as a surprise to many since he has been on the low matters relationship after his bitter breakup with ex-lover Elodie.

Sean has always been pulling the single boy vibe, giving nothing about his relationship status.

His latest post however, could mean the young man has finally moved on to the next one with a new lass.

Unlike his ex Elodie who moved on quite fast, Sean took about two years to get into another relationship, if his Instagram post could hold water.