KNBS census Jobs 2019 application form

KNBS census Jobs 2019 application form

The Ministry of State for Planning in Kenya, National Development and Vision 2030, through the (KNBS) Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, will conduct the National Population and Housing Census in 2019 following the Statistics Act 2006.

This Bureau is embarking on recruitment and preparation of the field personnel that will be included in the enumeration exercise.


The personnel are divided into three major categories, namely;

*Senior Supervisors (6,573 positions)*

*Supervisors (25,831)*

*Enumerators (151,936 positions)*


The following are the requirements for different positions.


  • Must be of ethical conduct and responsible citizens
  • At least a form four level of education with a minimum of C- or equivalent grade.
  • Must have readable, neat handwriting
  • Must be inhabitants of the sub-locations, preferably the enumeration areas, they wish to work in
  • Aged within 18 and 50 years old
  • Must have a national identity card
  • Fluent in the main local language/dialect
  • Must be free from 14th August to 2nd September 2019


Should be grown up and responsible citizens, preferably teachers, government officers, or university graduates with management experience, or persons with similar qualifications such as higher national diploma with expertise in coordinating research/ surveys, or presiding officer in the general elections.

  • Must be residents of the sub-locations they would like to work in.
  • Aged within 25 years and 50 years Must have a national identity card
  • Fluent in the principal local language/dialect
  • Must have excellent communication and training skills
  • Must have good public relations

*Must be free from 4th August, to 4th September 2019*

*Senior Supervisors:*

All Applicants should be mature and responsible citizens, preferably senior teachers or senior civil servants or headteachers in secondary/high schools, or university graduates with a master’s degree (optionally with management skill) or senior employees of private sector or NGOs with expertise in surveys/census/research
Must have excellent communication and training skills
Must have excellent public relations
Must be aged within 30 and 60 years old
Must have a national identity card
*Must be free from 26th July to 6th September 2019*

*Applications should be received by Noon of 29th June 2018 for Senior Supervisors and Supervisors, and by Noon, 4th July 2018 for Enumerators.*

Additionally, Supervisors and Enumerators must apply to work in the sub-locations where they usually live.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed as follows:-

*Position: Senior Supervisors*

*Recruitment Date on 2nd-3rd July 2018*

Recruitment Location: County Headquarters

*Position: Supervisors*

*Recruitment Date on 6th – 7th July 2018*

Recruitment Place: Constituency Headquarters

Job Position: Enumerators

Recruitment Date on 8th- 10th July 2019

Recruitment Location: Constituency Headquarters

The District Census Committees may make exceptional arrangements to lower or raise the minimum qualification depending on availability of personnel.yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - KNBS census Jobs 2019 application form

Note to every Kenyan: That all applications should be made online; that no application forms have been issued yet; and that the application process is free and open to the public.

Do not pay to apply. Stay tuned to, and we will update you in case of any developments.

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  1. I kirema titus am so interested in geting a vacancy in job enumerator i was currently completed my diploma level in building and civil engineering .pleas am ready to work effectvely if i was one to be considerd.

  2. Hi,am Winnie and I have just seen something purported to be application deadline and that we have to pat 460

    Is this so?

    • Hi Winnie, those are scammers, keep your cash safe and don’t apply for anything.
      We will update this post once the application is open. (Free)

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