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Kobi Kihara

Who is Kobi Kihara? She is a prominent Kenyan media identity known for her notorious vocation perfection. Kobi Kihara profile in the general population area is extensive particularly underway, photography, and TV introduction. Conceived in 1982 and raised at Lang’ata Onyonka Estate , Nairobi County, Kobi is presently a maker. Kobi Kihara Am live affectation between 6 am and 9 am on weekdays on Kenya’s NTV channel.

Kobi Kihara Biography

Born: January twentieth, on a Wednesday in 1982

Kobi Kihara age: Thirty-six years of age starting at 2018

Root: Kihara is a Kenyan Citizen by birth and now remains in Kenya, Lang’ata in Nairobi County

Is Kobi Kihar wedded: In 2015, Kobi Kihara uncovered that she was dating, a yet to be referred to private who she named as “an extremely private individual.”

Occupation: Media identity, maker, picture taker, and TV moderator.

Popular for: Her TV profession, photography aptitudes, media engagements and dazzling figure, with Aquarius birth sign.

Kobi Kihara compensation and total assets: Under audit; be that as it may, she includes among top percentile people.

Kobi Kihara Contacts

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/kobi.kihara

Twitter site: https://twitter.com/KobiKihara

Twitter handle: @KobiKihara

Kobi Kihara Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kobikihara/

Linkedin: https://ke.linkedin.com/in/kobi-kihara

Kobi Kihara AM live

Kobi Kihara’s identity

Kobi Kihara morning show essentially portrays how much adorable she is among her fans. Aside from her attractive and hot body, she is enjoyed much basically for her warm identity. Kobi Kihara pics additionally recount a similar story. She has shared a variety of dazzling photographs on her online networking pages which harbor a large number of supporters. Trails of these are glad minutes she more likely than not spent on the shoreline judging from their lucrative substance. Kobi Kihara is a delight on national TV, well known for her predictable nearness before the camera.

Kobi Kihara drives a fruitful profession as a TV character with a substantial fan base. Her aptitudes and involvement in photography, creation, and media are for the most part overpowering. Kobi Kihara most recent news for the most part centers around her weight administration, conjugal undertakings, and her commended way of life. She as of late shared brilliant photographs of her figural body while in the midst of a furlough. Kobi Kihara swimsuit filled her with tributes, as she pleasurably broadened her island goal excursion. Her new looks are nothing to a lesser extent a model.


Kobi Kihara early life

Kobi Kihara NTV Kenya is a Kenyan subject by birth matured 36 in the wake of 2018. Before she accomplished age fourteen, Kobi Kihara lived respectively with her family in Kenya. At fifteen years old, she migrated to Washington DC in the organization of her folks. While at the United States of America, Kihara’s folks consistently voyaged abandoning her under the guardianship of her sibling and four sisters. Her family in the end settled and lived in the United States and moved less frequently.

Kobi Kihara confesses to being a boyish girl amid her initial life. She connected with herself in a few chances slightest expected of her sex at the time. For example, she mostly invested her energy with bicycles, took an interest in rugby, and played ‘three sticks’ among other boyish engagements. At whatever point Kobi arrived into issues for the decision of fun, her senior sister Kate dependably stood defensively of her. That more likely than not been freeing, huh!

Probably the most well-known amusements Kobi played amid her adolescence incorporate Kaati, Kiini Macho, and Shake. She significantly played the greater part of these diversions with her neighborhood amigos. Every so often, Kobi and her companions would harm themselves on these long trails of bicycle riding and gaming.

Rosa Kihara, Kobi’s senior sister, describes on how energizing Kobi was as a youngster. Her quality lit their home owing she was small, lovely, and an adorable last-conceived. For the record, Kobi invested the majority of her energy resting when a kid. Kobi was principally breast fed by her sibling and sisters until the point that she could scarcely eat independent from anyone else.

Kobi got much love from her senior kin who defended her from any type of harassing at school.

The ‘five-pack’ meaning Kobi’s kin was gutsy, particularly on vacations. Kobi frequently drew in her more seasoned kin in scholarly contentions on play days looking for their assent. Everybody in the family looked to persuade the rest that they were correct. However youthful and unpracticed, everybody looked to beat the other utilizing approximately established rationales and advances. Each individual from the five-pack encountered a pleasurable youth. Kobi’s kin admit to persevering experience and wickedness as a key piece of their youth.

The inventive piece of Kobi’s adolescence is the point at which they formulated a productive cooling system to go unnoticed after throughout the day motion picture. The five-pack wrapped ice cube shapes on tea towels in cooling their pop-top VCR. They trusted this was sufficient to trap their dad into supposing they had not been watching motion pictures throughout the day. However credulous, the trap worked in some cases.

Kobi Kihara Education

At a very early stage in her life, Kobi Kihara contemplated in Kenya until the point that her family moved to Washington DC in the United States. Together with her sister Rosa, Kobi Kihara went to Loreto Convent Valley Road. Their sister, Cecilia, educated at Loreto Convent Msongari. In the wake of moving to Washington DC, Kobi educated at Fairfax Christin. She harbors old and extraordinary recollections of taking Jam and blue-band with tea after thorough play days, and absurd giggling.

While abroad, Kobi selected at a Private International High School in Washington DC and later went to Northumbria University, England. She joined photography classes at Paris and in the end experts’ degree in Canada. Kobi Kihara training is different in extension and leaves a considerable measure wanted.

Kobi Kihara photography and love for expressions spurred her to join Newcastle University in the United Kingdom for undergrad ponders. In the year 2004, Kobi Kihara joined a Toronto based foundation, Trebas Institute, to seek after her lords’ examinations in film and TV creation. The majority of Kobi Kihara site proficient substance focus on her skill both in class and ability, take off alone her gentility.

A great deal stay hid in some of Kobi Kihara online journals including her intensive beginning experiences at Washington DC. She was booked to go to an open secondary school while in America. Destiny totally changed her secondary school aspirations following a deadly state funded school shooting to which numerous surrendered. These shootings occurred amid summer in front of which Kobi was to select at the school. Subsequently, Kobi Kihara set out to join a private worldwide secondary school altogether influencing her instructive course.

Kobi Kihara story brings out how troublesome it more likely than not been for her to adjust to universal training framework at the time. Washington DC was outside and diverse in many parts, nonetheless, a huge chance to have gone there. Her whole family experienced a variety of difficulties attempting to settle down and center around school enlistments. Excessively troublesome was the choice of joining a private universal school following gigantic government funded school shootings that rendered it unreliable for Kobi Kihara and her different kin. Kobi Kihara news has it that she making the most of her stay at a global non-public school much more past her desires. Together with her companions from different parts of the world, she amassed in her investigations rising with amazing outcomes for school enlistment.

Her plan to seek after performing expressions initially got her family in an amazement. Being a group of overachievers, the family reluctantly upheld her. Still persuaded, Kobi Kihara figures out how to convince her folks on her vocation desires by separating them into points of interest. Her family later held hands and helped her to enlist at Newcastle University found in the United Kingdom.

Kobi Kihara profession


Kobi Kihara early life news holds that she filled in as an independent volunteer picture taker at the Kennedy Center and the Smithsonian Kaplan Institute. Amid this volunteer ship, Kobi battled with pitiful winning barely enough to live reasonably.

Vocation improvement

Kobi Kihara NTV moderator has constructed an energetic vocation with a model assurance. She initially joined NTV’s breakfast indicate AM Live in 2013. She routinely administers her 3-hour network show as a maker. Once in the past, Kobi Kihara worked with Shaila Mwanyiga as a co-have for the morning appear, AM Live at NTV. Additionally, Kobi Kihara filled in as a studio maker and newscaster Kiss Radio Africa. She dependably figured out how to accompany fantastic thoughts for different projects disclosed at the station. Breakfast appear at Citizen Television additionally helped Kihara to support her generation abilities.

Kobi Kihara NTV

Kobi Kihara Kenya worked with three little movies right off the bat in her profession. Two of these were situated in the United States of America while the third was in the United Kingdom.

In any case, who is Kobi Kihara? It is clear to escape her as a dedicated lady top in her alliance particularly in Television. Strikingly, she functioned as a barkeep amid night hours in the midst of her examinations in Canada. Kobi would go to every one of her classes toward the beginning of the day, and her parts as a barkeep after that. Must have for sure been a connecting with attempt thinking of her as coursework mass.

Kobi Kihara 2006 accomplishments incorporate the foundation of a creation organization. The organization had some expertise in creating network shows, eye generation for various TV programs crosswise over Africa. After this gigantic walk, she earned a fleeting vocation with the United States-based worldwide relocation association. She additionally directed Iraqi races that occurred at the time.

As Kobi’s enthusiasm for photography developed, she turned out to be more required with kids in her vocation. Consequently, she volunteers at a Kenyan Children home, Nyumbani where she persistently worked before leaving for Washington DC.

In the wake of completing her examinations, Kobi invested a lot of her energy making sense of her future vocation way. Amid this activity chasing period, she fortunately ran over a few open doors both in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. In her sense of duty regarding bringing home the bacon, Kobi set out to display in France for three months close by which she sought after photography. In the wake of leaving from Paris, Kobi Kihara agreed to low maintenance work as a barkeep.

Long after her halfway effective encounters with the quest for new employment, Kobi settled on a disputable choice to come back to Kenya. Her undying affection for Kenya is exceedingly clear given she had no obvious prospects sitting tight for her in the nation.

While living in Washington DC, Kobi Kihara got bits of knowledge an opportunity in a neighborhood media house in Kenya. When she got this data from Tom Mshindi, Kobi Kihara chose to fly back to grab the opportunity. Together with her mom, she came back to Kenya and joined two of her sisters who lived in the nation at that point. Tragically, Kobi Kihara was not fruitful for the promoted maker position. Yet, she kept on remaining in Kenya aggressive to roost on other up and coming openings. She was hesitant to come back to Washington DC even with her mom’s requests; rather she remained in Kenya.

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The unforeseen development saw Kobi shape a programming conceptualization and TV program organization in 2006. The organization served generation administrations to a few African firms. Called “With An Eye Production,” Kobi’s organization enrolled great execution in its specialty of activity. More subtle elements on this best in class organization are currently available at Kobi Kihara Wikipedia page.

Working for Kobi Kihara has been an erratic affair particularly in her initial days. For example, her most cherished activity for Migration International Organization in the United States ended following three months abandoning her jobless. As indicated by Kobi, working for this association was advantageous with the exception of provoke end of her agreement. Kobi’s last encounters left her sorrowful, disappointed, and demoralized. Her most critical stress was the way that she had every attractive capability, yet it took her so long to find a well-paying employment.

At the point when Kobi Kihara got data on a vocation opening at Citizen TV, she gave in instantly however expected minimal given her arrangement of employment dissatisfactions. She scarcely gave the demand a doubt but instead made a plunge with the two feet

Kobi Kihara family

Kobi Kihara parents

Kobi Kihara pictures regularly broaden a warm heart towards her family including her commended grandma now matured over ten decades. Kobi Kihara IG handle had more to appear on her mom and grandma in one casing. A portion of the photographs shared on her profile go back to her grandma’s 100th birthday festivity held as of late.

Kobi Kihara lived with her minding guardians when migrating to the United States of America. She very figures them for appropriate childhood, introduction, and instruction.

Kobi Kihara dating life

For most parts, Kobi Kihara wants to keep her connections from people in general space. Her dating life constantly stayed on a position of safety up to this point when she astonished people in general with her recently discovered love. Is Kobi Kihara locked in? Little learning is accessible regarding this matter with the exception of the way that she is cheerfully dating now, could be that she is without a doubt getting ready for marriage. I would unquestionably assume so since Kobi Kihara paraded her beau intensely on the web.

On her arrival to Kenya, Kobi began to look all starry eyed at a few beaus with whom she scarcely discovered love. Hypotheses have it that she some time ago dated Eric Omondi, Kenya’s famous entertainer, and media identity. Eric Omondi Kobi Kihara relationship slowed down after that. Subsequent to getting free from Eric Omondi, Kobi revealed her association with a private man whom she didn’t distinguish openly.

Kobi Kihara confesses to being gullible and shallow in her initial dating life given her absence of involvement in dating. She as of late admitted giving no much idea on the sort of individual she adored and submitted herself. Like some other youngster, she began to look all starry eyed at indiscriminately with a little stake in thought. Best of her rundown is the absolute most exciting characteristics of a man that would leave any salivating. Kobi is currently looking for fellowship, put stock in, satisfaction, and wellbeing from a God-dreading man loaded with honest to goodness cherish for her. In her assessments, Kihara clarified on how hard it has moved toward becoming to date in Kenya for her.

Kobi Kihara child

Kobi Kihara child conceived in 2008 is presently turning ten years old. Together with her child, Kobi lives without anyone else however regularly meets her sisters when conceivable given they all work abroad.

Kobi Kihara kin

Kobi together with her two sisters Rosa and Cecilia have all grown up fortified since youth. The three women frame some portion of the five kids in the family frequently alluding to themselves a ‘five-pack.’ The three sisters are regularly called Kihara young ladies.

Rosa Kihara is a sexual orientation issues expert at the United Nations. Cecilia is popular as Ciru and lives in the United Kingdom where she fills in as a Program Officer, International HIV/Aids Alliance for East and Southern Africa. The five kin lived with their folks at Onyonka Estate, Lang’ata before moving to Washington DC in 1995. Kihara kids are strikingly indistinguishable yet special in their character.

Kobi Kihara Net worth

Kobi Kihara pay for the years 2017 and 2018 are for the most part under audit. Starting at now, there isn’t much data gave on her profit, wage, and pay. Subsequently, her total assets has not uncovered, but rather hypotheses have it that she is gaining a singular amount given her profession achievement and exceedingly individual, and scholastic accreditations. In her class of work, Kobi scores a best percentile with respect to others serving in a similar docket.

Kobi Kihara cars

Kobi Kihara is stamping enough to journey a swanky BMW. Her current posts displayed her new ride as she eats her existence with a dependable spoon. Kobi Kihara photographs are uncontrolled on the web particularly her vast nearness in TV. Her auto is a significant catch of consideration among her tenacious fans. She has severally highlighted as a top of the line media identity having worked with top telecom houses in the nation. Her profile is excellent empowering her to manage the cost of such a rich drive and way of life.

However straightforward, Kobi’s immense learning and experience as a media identity are overpowering. Sources uncover that she is a standard worker to work and town. Apparently, her pervasiveness and way of life. Other than her auto and way of life, Kobi Kihara is respectable for her blooming profession and beguiling looks on NTV’s AM Live show.

Kobi Kihara media shows

Kobi Kihara is a maker and consistently regulates arrangement and execution of NTV morning Am Live show held between 6 am, and 9 am. Together with her family-like group, Kobi takes the main lead in the show thinking about her monstrous nearness on TV. She is ingenious in the organization and idea driving her shows.

Established in 2006, With An Eye Productions organization stays one of its kind in African network show generation and programming conceptualization. In the wake of stopping at Kiss, Kobi Kihara filled in as an independent for quite a while making quality projects and substance for her customers.

While working at KISS, Kobi Kihara understood that she was not a news individual. Rather, she was better capable at doing news imaginatively and distinctively through and through. She ached to give her crowd feeling and a voice in a story to the grapples.

Truth be told, Kobi Kihara was not content with her profession as a news individual even with great pay. On this premise, she made plans to stop and work as a consultant, a choice that in the long run handled her at NTV Am Live morning appear.

Kobi Kihara best photographs

Kobi Kihara latest news

Among Kobi Kihara’s most recent news is her estimations that corrupted the weight of an immaculate life regularly connected with media identities. Kobi cautioned her fans not to fall prey to pointless pressure encompassing the media, as it isn’t generally as it looks particularly on the first page. Kihara laid out how individuals were left discouraged over prudently chose life scenes of rather annoying existences of others including VIPs.

Evidently, there is an affirmed form fight progressing between Sheila Mwanyigah and Kobi Kihara. The two head Kenyan moderators are attempting to exceed each other for the most part on design. Sheila is at present a CEO at Rembesha Kenya, a magazine, and index for haircuts. Then again, Kobi Kihara have Better Living and Morning appear at NTV.

News of Kobi Kihara weight cut is likewise visit despite Kenyans. Kobi’s new lucrative figure has earned her credit into the rundown of hot female media identities in the nation. Her current social exhibition, particularly from a shoreline excursion, is sufficient verification.

Kobi Kihara weight reduction is presumably outstanding amongst other choices she made in her life. Aside from the two-piece photograph shared on her divider, there are a few other staggering photographs of her uncovering much excellence with little skin uncovered. Significantly, Kobi Kihara appears to age pleasantly like fine wine. She as of late turned 36 years old with an in place constitution, and well-kept face and body. A mother to a child, Kobi’s quality in the media connected with a lower adapt as her popularity developed from her blooming vocation.

Kobi’s dating life is currently inclining after she shared a photograph of her recently discovered love having great circumstances on an island. Another photo of her hand kissed similarly raised comparable hypotheses among her charmed fans. The last photograph inscribed ‘His and hers”has more to tell about Mr. T on a nearer focus.

Kobi’s battles with studies, vocation, and connections are astute to numerous Kenyans. The tale of her choice to join craftsmanship classes at school has retold with much motivation to the youngsters with specific interests. In another example, stopping a news individual at Kiss Radio draws out Kobi’s boldness to discover joy and not cash. Straightforwardness is everywhere on Kobi’s way of life given that she drives to deal with matatu notwithstanding when she possesses a BMW cruiser. Kobi Kihara BMW story says a great deal in regards to her feeling of reason and way of life assurance.

Better Living with Kobi Kihara is presently inclining as her most recent accomplishment in the media business. In the midst of her festivals, Kobi utilized it as a stage to share her past battles principally filling in as a barkeep in Washington DC.

Kobi Kihara as of late regretted that Kenyan media is on the need with regards to polished skill. There are no apparent systems to shield columnist against pay shamefulness, under-gratefulness, and disgraceful ability abuse. She, be that as it may, admits to a decent working background on Kenyan media expectations. Being a piece of an inventive group and youthful abilities are especially exciting, giving her enough motivations to grow her vocation edges.

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