KRA iTax

While saying that the State is now going to fine taxpayers Sh20,000 up from Sh1,000; the taxman raised the late-filing fine by 20 times.

The KRA said that they are cooperating with membership based professional organizations and employers so that they can facilitate employees in filing the returns before the deadline.

Although the KRA did not implement the kra penalties earlier, those were enacted under the Tax Procedures Act no.29 of 2015.

Wanja Wang’ondu, the acting assistant manager of KRA in the Nairobi region said that they are reminding all the Kenyans that every individual should file Income Tax returns on or before 30th June 2017. They are filing the Income Tax returns before the kra deadline commencement, failing which will result in a penalty of Sh20,000 or 5% of the tax due. People who failed to file the tax returns for 2015 by 30th June 2016 has to pay a sum of Sh1,000 as kra penalty for not filing returns. Individuals who want a KRA tax compliance certificate will not be issued one until they have paid the penalty for kra tax returns 2016. If you have more queries regarding how to pay kra penalties kindly call their helpline services or mail at

iTax system updates the employer and employees’ register in real-time post-filing, and sends notifications regarding the success or failure of returns being filed.

According to the taxman, the iTax platform had processed transactions worth Sh280 billion between 1st January and 8th June the previous year.


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