Wedding hairstyles

Is your special and big day approaching, but you don’t have the smallest idea of what to do with your hair? Well, do not stress anymore because this comprehensive article will spoil you with wedding hairstyle options hoping that you will obtain an appealing one to give you a memorable look. Honestly, we understand that choosing a hairstyle for the special and cheerful moment is not a one-day task not forgetting the remarkable wedding plans.


wedding hairstyles in Kenya

It is your big day, and you need to make everything perfect. Figure out what goes best for your face shape, what you much love, what fits your hair kind, as well as the weight of your pocket. Here we are dedicated to offering you with Kenyan wedding hairstyles so that you cannot lose more time on figuring out the greatest wedding hairstyle, but concentrate on perfecting the rest of the wedding plans.

1. African wedding hairstyles braids

wedding hairstyles in Kenya

Braids are proficient of highlighting your beauty as well as a character when you style them well. If you choose to create a low or a high bun, you can décor the bun with a veil. The veil needs to be either be medium or have a small length to give you a remarkable effect. Where do you set the veil? It is your day, and it is up to you to decide; most prefer to put it over or under the bun, and they come out just excellent. Braids for African wedding hairstyles with buns are so beautiful on any lady hair type, long and short hair. Here are various wedding hairstyles with braids for bridesmaids and brides.

Long box braids wedding hairstyles in Kenya

wedding hairstyles in Kenya

Do you know why you need to go for the large braids? Well, long braids can comfortably be styled compared to the short braids. Just A little bit of creativeness is what you and your hairstylist require to come up with an incredible style. The real bit about braids hairstyles is that they are affordable and they will definitely give you that classy, expensive look that you are yearning for. You can likewise go for the short box braid hairstyle if you are not looking forward to styling them.

High bun long box braids updos for black wedding hairstyles 2015

Latest wedding hairstyles in Kenya

You can combine beads to your beautiful and neat braids, a veil, or a small tiara to earn the wedding hairstyle extra special. It is a very manageable Kenyan wedding hairstyle, all you have to do is to assemble your neat braids together and tighten it with an elastic band. Twist them into a lump and use bobby pins to obtain your style. There so many ways that you can easily style the large chunk and fall in love with your new look.

Low bun long box braids wedding hairstyles for black women

wedding hairstyles in Kenya

Low bun braids are wonderful to ladies who are in love with an airy as well as light hairstyle. The place of the bun is what makes it be lighter in contrast to the high bun styles. All you need are bobby bins to secure your braids to avoid embarrassments. You also supplement beads, a veil, or a crown to give you that wedding look. Note that braids hairstyles are suitable for girls with thick hair.

Senegalese twist wedding hairstyles for African braids

wedding hairstyles in Kenya

Senegalese twist takes a lengthy time to make, but they’re worth the effort. Updo is among the perfect hairstyles for a bride, and you should consider rocking with that smooth, high, or low bun. Long Senegalese braids are comfortably styled, and you should go for them so that you can get spoilt with choices. You can see besides rock with other braid types such as kinky and crochet braids. The good news about crotchet braids is that they need very minimal time to make compared to other braids.

2. Wedding hairstyles for natural hair

Latest wedding hairstyles in Kenya

There are natural wedding hairstyles for long hair, medium hair, and short hair. We are continuing to present to you ideas of wedding styles that are simplistic, daring, extravagant, or even romantic. All you have to acknowledge is your comfort with your choice of hairstyle. The weight of the hair should at least be distributed well particularly for those ladies with long hair or extensions.

3. Wedding hairstyles for Short hair

wedding hairstyles in Kenya

Do you have curly or kinky kinds of hair? If yes, then you are lucky because there so many styling possibilities as well as cutting techniques to make you rock on your big day. You don’t need to have a very long or medium hair in order to qualify to be a bride because that original look is just perfect for you. Here we picked the best short hair Ghanaian hairstyles for a wedding to inspire you.

Short shaved natural wedding hairstyle

Latest wedding hairstyles in Kenya

This hairstyle is suitable for those ladies that are in love with simplicity. The curly gel will add more softness to your look on your long awaited day. Some even add cuts for they bring out more female feature, together with well-applied make-up as well as beautiful accessories. Put up a smile and rock on your big day.

Wash & go wedding hairstyle

Latest wedding hairstyles in Kenya

It is one of the easiest wedding styles in Kenya. You just don’t wash, let it dry, and wear your killer gown. You have to use regular gel and styling products to set your short hair in a natural mood. You can also dye your short natural hair to add feminine features into your natural looks. You need first to figure out which colour dye combines well with your skin tone.

4. Wedding hairstyle options for long hair

wedding hairstyles in Kenya

Updos are the greatest when it comes to natural wedding hairstyles since they create thick waves that are awesome. Updos will also allow you to place a veil or a beautiful flower brooch on your hair. The essential reason why you should contemplate going for an updo hairstyle is that it needs minimal hassle contrasted to the other hairstyles for the significant occasion. The haircut can as well be customised depending on how you like it; you can place your front hair in pin waves on your head side.

Some bold ladies, put their long hair in little circles and they come out so beautiful. To fasten your updo hairstyle, décor bobby pins are the best, and you will unquestionably have that princess look that resembles a fairy tale on your wedding day. If you need a classic, complicated, and unique updo hairstyle with your natural hair, it’s best if you find a wedding hairstylist.

You can further braid your long hair and still look perfect. It is you to choose if you want it complicated or simple. Cornrows give you a broad variety of styling, and a little creativity will allow you to stand out on your big day. Make-up and wedding accessories will definitely complete your style. You can make either a low bun, smooth bun, or a high bun. A half-high bun will also be excellent for the occasion. Some even dye their long natural hair with a colour that compound with their skin tone. Blond is the most preferred colour by most brides.

5. Wedding hairstyles ideas for medium hair

Latest wedding hairstyles in Kenya

Those ladies with medium length hair can reflect haircuts volume that is typically created by just backcombing it. What you do is to assemble the strands, split a piece of it to the top, and backcomb the hair from the roots. Bridal accomplices will compliment your awesome looks. It is a simplistic wedding hairstyle that only needs beautiful bridal brooch to give you that incredible look. It will also require minimal time to make when compared to the different wedding hairstyles in Kenya.

For a romantic natural headdress, you can use flowers and bridal accessories to soothe your looks. It is your day, and a classic, unique look is all you want. Your selection of flower you at least blend with the colour theme of your big day. We bet all eyes will be on you. Implement a perfect make-up, a well-fitting gown, and comfy shoes. It is always good if you do things your way and not the way most people do it.

6. Dreadlocks wedding hairstyles for natural black hair

wedding hairstyles in Kenya

Are you a Kenyan or African bride to be with dreadlocks? Well, you might be really stressed up on how to style them up on the D- day. Here we have suggestions that will help you to pick a perfect style for the ceremonial occasion. Find a technique that is a bit intricate and makes an art statement. You can further pop a colour that blends well with your skin tone or goes for a dramatic front updo. If you want to expose your beautiful facial features, you can style them into a simple bun, then place a veil or any different bridal accessory if desired. If you do not put on a veil, you go for a small tiara.

Some ladies prefer to let their locks to flow, and they come out just perfect. Curly dreads are impressive, and you can try that; let them flow or make a half-high bun — there so multiple ways you can style your locks and have that unbelievable look. You can likewise add faux pearls for a more sweet look.

7. African American wedding hairstyles with weave

wedding hairstyles in Kenya

A weave is a shielding hairstyle that makes any lady look awesome. Either you can buy the coloured or the black weaves on that special day. Here are African wedding hairstyles pictures of weaves to inspire that bridesmaid or bride who is striving to find a classic hairstyle for the D-day. You can go for a short or a long weave, and you will have that unimaginable look. A lot of brides will go for a long weave because it can simply be styled into a lovely updo.

Wedding hairstyle black women colored weave

wedding hairstyles in Kenya

Are you a bridesmaid, daring bride, or guest? Well, you don’t necessarily need to dye your natural hair and end up damaging it. Buy a coloured extension or weave and rock with it. The real bit about weave wedding hairstyles is that they can take you for a couple of weeks before they spoil after the wedlock. A curly or a straight weave will be excellent for you.

Witty weaves wedding hairstyles for bridesmaid and brides

wedding hairstyles in Kenya

Thick weaves give a delightful feeling to a ladies look. You can just purchase a straight weave and add curls as well as waves on it. Wavy hair weaves are likewise readily available for you. Compliment your beautiful looks with bridal accessories. You can either style your wavy weave or simply leave it non-styled. A beautiful trendy hair looks will make you gain more courage as you say ‘yes I do’ in front of your close friends and relatives; guests.

Straight weave wedding hairstyle for African hair

Latest wedding hairstyles in Kenya

Straight weaves are similar to human hairs, and they look incredibly impressive on any lady. You don’t have to style the weave, but you can merely add bridal accessories and be fit for the day. Some ladies go for straight hair wigs, and they reach out just perfect. If your hair is already broken maybe with chemical ingredients, you should reconsider going for straight wigs or weaves.

Curly weaves wedding hairstyles for African brides

Latest wedding hairstyles in Kenya

Curly weaves are unimaginably superb for any face shape. Spray it and implement curly gel and products to maintain the curls. A coloured or a black curly weave will not give you any concerns as far as the practices of dyes and skin tones are well observed.

We believe that one of our popular wedding hairstyles above motivated you. Natural hair or braids hairstyles will definitely give you that fantastic look at your big and special day. Some brides try various hairstyles in about a month till they find a classic one for the D-day; you can also do the identical if you are unsure. Have you married already? Kindly share the experience with us that bridal hairstyle that made you rock in our comment section to encourage those ladies about to


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