List of 15 best International companies in Kenya

List of 15 best International companies in Kenya

List of the top 15 best international companies based in Kenya that you can work for and get a good salary each month.

Some of the world’s biggest multinational corporations have set their regional offices in Kenya over the past few years. With their East African or African operations centred in Kenya, the country’s business outlook is significantly improved. Coincidentally, these companies also turn out to be some of the best companies in Kenya. That is either regarding service of delivery through efficient management or concerning top companies to work for and fetch good salaries.


This Asian technology giant centres on the larger East African region.


BASF operates from Westlands Nairobi and centres its activities on the entire sub-Saharan Africa area.

3.Bank of China

They focus on financing Chinese companies involved in large-scale construction projects in the East African region.

4.Bharti Airtel

They offer mobile phone communication services and several other telecommunication services in several African countries.

5.Blackberry LTD

This large technology devices manufacturer centres on the east and central African market.

6.Cisco System.

Headquartered in Nairobi and focusing on the entirety of Africa.


China’s premier television channel has its African division headquartered in Nairobi.


The American refreshment manufacturer’s African division is based in Upperhill Nairobi.

9.General Electric

The company works from Westlands Nairobi and has its eyes on the entire African market.


An international premium beer manufacturer is focusing on the African and the broader Indian Ocean neighbourhood from High Ridge, Nairobi.


This world premiere manufacturer of different machines serves the African market from their Nairobi office.


A Japanese car maker that is focused on the assembling of various motor vehicles for its African market. It works from its Mombasa Road, Nairobi office.

13.Standard Chartered Bank

The multinational banking organisation is centred on the African region and runs its activities from its Westlands, Nairobi office.


This Japanese heavy equipment and earth movers’ manufacturer also manages its Africa division from the city.


Nestle Kenya Nairobi beverage hub focuses on the east, west, and central African regions.

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