List of best Law Firms in Nairobi that you can engage with

Law firms in Nairobi

 about Kenyan Law firms

A law office is a business which gives legitimate administrations and is shaped by at least two legal advisors to participate in the act of law. The essential administration gave by a law office is to prompt customers about their lawful rights and obligations, and to speak to their customers in common or criminal cases, business exchanges and different issues in which legitimate help is looked for.

Elements of our Kenyan law organizations

The five elements of law offices are:

  1. The act of law
  2. Business system
  3. Customer obtaining
  4. Relationship Development
  5. Practice administration

Sources of law in Kenya

Wellsprings of law is the source of law and it was distinguished by the legal demonstration. The real wellsprings of law in Kenya are:

  1. The Constitution.
  2. Statutes of General Application.
  3. Enactment (Act of Parliament) (Statutes)
  4. Value of equity
  5. Case law or (judge-made law)
  6. Appointed enactment.
  7. Africa Customary law.
  8. Custom-based law.


Rundown of law offices in Kenya

A couple of the best law organizations in Kenya are talked about underneath:

1. Anjarwalla and Khanna

Anjarwalla and Khanna (A&K) is one of the biggest corporate law offices in Eastern Africa, which gives lawful administrations. It is situated at Jalaram Rd, Nairobi, Kenya. Their territory of training are Capital markets, Commercial, Banking and Finance, Dispute Resolution Employment, licensed innovation, Private customers, Projects and framework, Real Estate and development, Tax, Competition and Corporate M&A.. They work in numerous parts like-horticulture, monetary establishment, friendliness, private value, land, government and open segment, coordinations and transportation, human services and pharmaceuticals, framework and some more.


Address: third floor, The Oval, Junction of Ring Road Parklands and Jalaram Road Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 (0) 203 640 000/+254 (0) 703 032 000/+254 (0) 203 640 201



2. Kaplan and Stratton

Kaplan and Stratton is likewise among the main law offices in Kenya which was built up in 1938. This firm gives lawful administrations and answers for household and global customers. This firm is one of the main law offices in the East African area.

They guide on corporate fund, business law and capital markets, venture back, framework, managing an account, control, media communications law, tourism, money related administrations, transport, assembling, agribusiness and cultivation. They speak to customers in prosecution and give question determination exhortation in these zones. This firm additionally fills in as Kenyan direction for some, worldwide law offices and their customers fundamentally from North America, South Africa, Europe and Asia.


Address: Williamson House fourth Ngong Avenue PO Box 40111-00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 2841000

Fax: +254 20 2734667



3. Coulson Harney

Coulson Harney is a business and corporate law office in Kenya which gives exchange administrations and legitimate counsel to an extensive variety of nearby Kenyan customers and universal customers. The fundamental zone of training is in capital markets, managing an account and back, licensed innovation, land, corporate and business, vitality and assets, and debate determination. They likewise work with different universal law offices and different specialists and their customers on Kenyan and provincial issues and exchange.


Address: fifth Floor ICEA Lion Center, West Wing Riverside Park Chiromo Road Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 289 9000

Fax: +254 20 289 9100


Email: data

4. Prof. Albert Mumma and Company Advocates

‘Prof. Albert Mumma and Company Advocates’ is a medium-sized law office in Nairobi with an astounding notoriety in proficient, lawful and consultancy hovers for the high caliber of its responsiveness, its respectability and its work to customers’ needs are really exceptional. This firm was built up in 1995 by Prof. Albert Mumma.

Their administrations incorporates suit and question determination, open private associations, business and work relations law, property law, development law and movement, Public acquisition law, vitality and normal assets law, non-benefit associations law, legitimate and arrangement research and consultancy, business and budgetary administrations, institutional rebuilding and authoritative drafting and lawful reviews.


Address: fifth Avenue Office Suites, fifth Floor, Suite No.1, fifth Ngong Avenue, P.O. Box 10481 – 00100, NAIROBI.

Phone: +254 (0) 20 2730132/2711579




Protected innovation law in Kenya

Licensed innovation law is a worry in ensuring the result of creation or result of human personality. The indication of protected innovation law are-

Licenses After making any creation, you get the endorsement from the patent office.

Utility models-This is additionally called insignificant licenses. In utility models the development doesn’t need to be totally new, it may be new in Kenya.

Copyright-Copyright is helpful in three zones writing, programming and diversion among others.


Competitive advantage.

Criminal law in Kenya

Criminal law is additionally polished in Kenya. Indeed, there are numerous law offices with regarded criminal attorneys that you can enlist on the off chance that you need one.

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