List of Counties With The Most Dangerous Women in Kenya

The Kenyan National Bureau of Statistics has published a survey that shows the number of crimes perpetrated by females in all the 47 counties in 2019.

The Economic Survey 2019 put the number of crimes reported to the police, committed by women, at 15,037 which was an increase from 13,857 in 2017.

Kiambu county headed the pack with 2,175 crimes acted by women while Nairobi and Meru counties followed with1,443 and 1,325 respectively.

Trans Nzoia county recorded 615 while Nakuru reported 603 crimes by women.

Kakamega and Kisumu counties registered 541 and 446 felonies by females respectively.

Mombasa county was 8th with 420 offenses, Bungoma had 406 while Kilifi and Kisii tied to close the top ten list by recording 343 crimes.

Their male counterparts, on the other hand, perpetrated a total of 59,816 felonies that were reported to the police.

Nairobi led with 4,887, Kiambu followed with 4,125 and Kakamega came third with 3,186 crimes.

Meru registered 3,093 crimes, Bungoma 2,432 Nakuru 2,340 and Mombasa 2,253.

Muranga reported 2,246 felonies, Kisii 2,143 and Makueni closed the top 10 list with 1,630

Combined statistics reveal that Nairobi (7,128) registered the highest share of all crimes reported followed by Kiambu (6,932) and Meru (5,689).

Wajir police command station reported the highest percentage increase in crimes reported which stood at 56.2 percent in 2018.

Mandera police command station recorded a 24.4 percent decrease in the number of crimes.

In list form; counties with most dangerous women in Kenya

  1. Kiambu
  2. Nairobi
  3. Meru
  4. Trans Nzoia
  5. Nakuru
  6. kakamega
  7. Kisumu
  8. Mombasa
  9. Bungoma
  10. Kisii


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