List of poorest Arab countries in the world 2019 update

List of poorest Arab countries in the world

We already discussed the richest Arab countries in the world here. In this post though, we take a closer look at some of the poorest Arab nations that we know of as well as Middle Eastern countries such as Yemen and their GDP.

1. Syria

Syria is a Middle Eastern country bordering Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq. The country’s population is calculated to be 17 million people residing in its 71,500-square-mile area. Syria’s prosperity is among the most diverse in the region with services, agriculture, industry, and oil being the main economic pillars. The country’s GDP per capita is amongst the weakest in the Middle East, estimated to be $2,900. The continuing Syrian War has ravaged the country and had a devastating effect on the Syrian economy with the economic loss associated from the war being estimated to be over $237 billion.

2. Yemen

Yemen is a country established in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula and covers an area of 203,850 square miles. The Middle Eastern country has a GDP of approximately $73.445 billion and a population of over 25 million, translating to a GDP per capita of about $2,500 which is the lowest in the Middle East. Oil accounts for approximately 90% of the country’s exports with the country having more than 4 billion barrels of proven oil reserves.

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Rank Country GDP Per Capita
1 Qatar $129,700.00
2 Kuwait $71,300.00
3 United Arab Emirates $67,700.00
4 Saudi Arabia $54,100.00
5 Bahrain $50,300.00
6 Oman $43,700.00
7 Israel $34,800.00
8 Turkey $21,100.00
9 Lebanon $18,500.00
10 Iran $18,100.00
11 Egypt $12,100.00
12 Jordan $11,100.00
13 Iraq $16,500.00
14 Syria $2,900.00
15 Yemen $2,500.00
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