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Pwani university courses

List of Pwani University Courses: A complete list of all diploma, degree, masters and Ph.D. courses offered at the Pwani University including application form, fees structure, intake, admission letter, course registration, and contacts.

Pwani University started as Kilifi Institute of Agriculture in 1984 through the first admission of 200 students for the first Two Year Certificate Course in Home Economics and Agriculture. By the year 2007, Kilifi Institute of Agriculture had graduated 3,837 undergraduates. The Institute also hosted a good number of Masters and PhD research students from other national universities.

On 23rd August of 2007, Kilifi Institute of Agriculture was promoted to a Constituent College of Kenyatta University, and in March of 2013, it was granted a charter as a full-fledged University.

Pwani University is strategically located in the heart of the Coastal area of Kenya in Kilifi Town, right on the Mombasa – Malindi main Highway; and is then equipped with facilities to offer quality education in Marine Sciences, Tropical Agriculture, Tropical Medicine, and Education.

Courses Offered at Pwani University

Pwani University Certificate Courses

  1. Certificate in Early Childhood Development
  2. Certificate in Agriculture
  3. Certificate in Community Development

List of Pwani University Diploma Courses

Pwani University School of Pure and Applied Sciences

  1. Diploma in Applied Biology
  2. Diploma in Computer Science

Pwani University School of Education

  1. Diploma in Early Childhood Development
  2. Diploma Primary Education
  3. Diploma in Agri. Educ and Extension
  4. Diploma in Guidance & Counseling

Courses at Pwani University School of Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Mgt
  2. Diploma in Nutrition & Health
  3. Diploma in Travel and Tour Operations

Courses at Pwani University School of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

  1. Diploma in Animal Health Management
  2. Diploma in Community Development
  3. Diploma in Agriculture and Marketing
  4. Diploma in Horticulture and Marketing
  5. Diploma in Information Technology

Pwani University Degree Programmes

Courses at Pwani University School of Pure and Applied Sciences

  1. Bachelor of Science
  2. Bachelor of Science (In Biochemistry)
  3. Bachelor of Science (in Industrial Chemistry)
  4. Bachelor of Science (In Biotechnology)
  5. Bachelor of Science (In Marine)
  6. Bachelor of Science (In Nursing)
  7. Bachelor of Science (In Nursing Upgrading)
  8. Bachelor of Science (In Computer Science)
  9. Bachelor of Science (In Microbiology)
  10. Bachelor of Science (In Chemistry)
  11. Bachelor of Science (In Physics, Mathematics, Statistics)
  12. Bachelor of Science (In Environmental Health)

Courses at Pwani University School of Education

  1. Bachelor of Education (In Arts)
  2. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  3. Bachelor of Education (In Early Childhood Education)
  4. Bachelor of Science (In Agriculture Education and Extension)
  5. Bachelor of Education (Of Special Needs)
  6. Bachelor of Education Arts (In French)
  7. Bachelor of Education Science (In Agriculture)
  8. Bachelor of Education Science (In Computer)
  9. Bachelor of Science (In Mathematics)
  10. Bachelor of Science (In Biology)
  11. Bachelor of Science (In Geography)
  12. Bachelor of Arts (In French)
  13. Bachelor of Arts (In German)
  14. Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
  15. Bachelor of Arts (In Psychology)
  16. Bachelor of Arts (In Kiswahili)
  17. Bachelor of Science (Physics)
  18. Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies)
  19. Bachelor of Science (Zoology)
  20. Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)
  21. Bachelor of Arts (History and Archaeology)
  22. Bachelor of Arts (Literature)
  23. Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology & Fisheries)
  24. Bachelor of Arts (English & Communication)
  25. Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy)
  26. Bachelor of Arts in History & International Studies
  27. Bachelor of Arts (Economics)
  28. Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)
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Courses at Pwani University School of Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Bachelor of Commerce
  2. Bachelor of Arts (General)
  3. Bachelor of Science (Hospitality and Tourism Mgt)
  4. Bachelor of Science (Food, Nutrition & Diatetics)
  5. Bachelor of Science (Tourism Management)
  6. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Courses at Pwani University School of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

  1. Bachelor of Environmental Science
  2. Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Community Development)
  3. Bachelor of Environmental Planning & Management
  4. Bachelor of Science (Agriculture and Enterprise Development)
  5. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Resource Management
  6. Bachelor of Science (Animal Production and Health Management)
  7. Bachelor of Science (Horticulture)
  8. Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Management and Trade)
  9. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  10. Bachelor of Science (Horticultural Science & Management)
  11. Bachelor of Science (Dryland Agriculture)
  12. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health

Pwani University Masters Programmes

Courses at Pwani University School of Education

  1. Masters of Education
  2. Masters of Education (Curriculum Development)
  3. Masters of Education (Psychology)
  4. Masters of Education (Of Special Needs)
  5. Masters of Management In Education
  6. Masters in AGED
  7. Masters of Education Planning
  8. Masters in Education (Science and Maths methods)
  9. School of Pure And Applied Sciences
  10. Masters in Chemistry
  11. Masters of Science (Of Applied Entomology)
  12. Masters of Science (Of Physics)
  13. Masters of Science (Of Fisheries)
  14. Masters of Science (Microbiology)
  15. Masters of Health

Courses at Pwani University School Of Agriculture and Environmental Science

  1. Masters in Environmental Stud. Com. Devlt
  2. Masters in Environmental Science
  3. Masters of Science (Livestock)
  4. Masters of Science (Agronomy)
  5. Masters of Science (Environmental Science – CD)

Courses at Pwani University School Of Humanities And Social Sciences

  1. M.A – Religious Studies
  2. Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  3. M.A – English
  4. M.A – Kiswahili
  5. M.A – Literature
  6. M.A – Sociology
  7. M.A – History

Pwani University PhD Programmes

Courses at Pwani University School of Education

  1. PhD – Educational Psychology
  2. PhD – Education Administration
  3. PhD – Educational Planning
  4. PhD – History Of Education
  5. PhD – Sociology Of Education
  6. PhD – Communication Technology and French

Courses at Pwani University School of Pure and Applied Sciences

  1. PhD – Statistics
  2. PhD – Chemistry
  3. PhD – Medical Entomology

Courses at Pwani University School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

  1. PhD – Environmental Planning and Management
  2. PhD – Environmental Science
  3. PhD – Horticulture

Courses at Pwani University School of Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. PhD – Religious Studies
  2. PhD – Linguistics (English and Kiswahili)
  3. PhD – Literature
  4. PhD – Psychology
  5. PhD – Sociology
  6. PhD – Geography

Pwani University Admission Letter

  1. To obtain the admission letter portal kindly use your real INDEX NUMBER
  2. Enter your Index Number in the format  given eg: 1234567891011/2019
  3. Click the Display Button
  4. Download or Print  the 18-page document( subject to change as per the university)

Pwani University Contacts

address; Pwani University
P.O. BOX 195-80108,Kilifi
Email address:
Tel: +254 41 7525 105
Fax number: +254 41 7522 128,

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