The top latest Kenyan songs present a great sign of improvement in the creative space. This is seen in their creative visuals and eloquent audio. Their lyrics are also worth praising. These top songs have been creatively written to suit the entertainment needs of the growing Kenyan audience. A few of the famous names in the music scene that have made an impact include Kaligraph Jones — with his fast rap style, Otile Brown — with his Swahili R&B and the industrious group, Ethics — with their controversial but very interesting songs.

Recently, there was a public crusade promoting local songs, dubbed Play Kenyan Music that aimed at increasing the consumption of local content. This campaign helped the key stakeholders note the challenges facing the Kenyan music industry, which include quality and lack of proper technical support. The most recent songs have factored in these challenges during their composition and have been tailor-made to meet the market expectation successfully. However, artists like Fena, Elani, Sauti Sol, PHY, and Hart the Band have had a good run in the past, thus enjoying significant support from the audience. Here are the top 20 best Kenyan song hits in 2019. Find a favorite and make it your phone ringtone.

1. Masauti – Sare

Masauti is known for his, usikate tamaa track, which was a motivational love song that encourages lovers to stick by each other despite the tough times. Sare is yet another beautifully done song with good quality visuals from Nezzoh Montana.

Sare is a love song where the persona in the song proclaims his love for his lover. In one of his verses, Masauti says, “umenifanya zuzu umenikoroga,ndio maana kwako mi siwezi toka kabisa nimeganda,nimeganda.” This is an admission of love, a statement of absolute conviction and a need to be loved. If you are looking for the right words to communicate love for your better half, then this song will get the job half done for you.

2. Kaligraph Jones – Beat It

Beat It is part of Testimony 1990, one of Kaligraph’s mind blowing albums. Published on Feb 13, 2019, Beat It has elicited mixed reactions from the audience and formed the basis of discussions on social media and other entertainment news outlets. This is why:

Apparently, according to the song, Jones had a girl who he loved more than anything, but she cheated on him, in his house and elsewhere. He claims that he made her a diva from a broke b!t(h. The OG goes ahead to claim that he found out her antics and decided to move on.

Beat It is a bitter song from a cheated lover. On the flip side, it has good quality visuals and great audio.

3. Jux ft Nyashinski – Incase You Don’t Know

Arguably, this is a collaboration made in heaven. Published on Feb 12, 2019, Incase You Don’t Know is your ultimate love song, with over 1.4million views on YouTube.

Jux is a celebrated bongo artist with tunes such as Uzuri Wako, which had a good reception. Nyashinski, on the other hand, is a lyrical maestro. He plays with words to create the perfect symphony. Listening to him makes one wonder what life would be if African folk songs still ruled the African entertainment world because the grip one gets when listening to Nyashinski is similar to the connection one has when listening to traditional folk songs. Incase You Don’t Know is nothing short of glorious. It hits the heart at the right angle and makes lovers merry. It is a hit.

4. King Kaka ft Romain Virgo – One and Only

The song was published on YouTube, on Feb 12, 2019.

The self-proclaimed king of Kenyan rap, Rabbit, is a force. To prove his dominance in his area of expertise, Rabbit has collaborated with Romain Virgo, the mind behind Rich In Love tune, in his latest hit One and Only. The song, which is directed by Tokodi, a renowned Kenyan actor, is 3.33 minutes of pure bliss. It is a love song.

5. Willy Paul – Bebi Bebi

This 3.52-minute song was published on Feb 7, 2019.

Arguably, Willy Paul is the most controversial artist in Kenya. If the analogy that any publicity is good publicity in the entertainment industry holds true, he must be the most famous artist in Kenya. Bebi Bebi is yet another great tune from the gifted artist. It is a simple love song that effortlessly puts you on your feet ready to twist and turn your body in the name of love.

6. King Kaka – East Kwa Mabeast

Do you remember Swahili Shakespeare? Well, East Kwa Mabeast is also another dose of wise words married to a great tune and presented by a legendary sound. This song is best appreciated if you hear it for yourself. I hope you find satisfaction, insight and perspective after listening to it.

It is a new song. It was published on Mar 8, 2019.

7. Otile Brown – Crush

Otile has curved space for himself in the entertainment space thanks to his quality sound and visuals. Directed by X-Antonio, Crush has attracted over 1.1 million views under two months, given that it was published on Feb 19, 2019.

Crush is a love confession. The persona in the song pours his heart out in a bid to woo his lover. It is a good song, especially for those looking for a strategy to get out of the friend zone and into a relationship.

8. Khaligraph Jones,Naiboi, Jua Cali,Nyashinski, Fena Gitu,– SELFIE

Selfie is your ultimate party anthem. Coming from Kenya’s music heavyweights, it has all the right vibes. The song is lyrically correct as much as it is socially acceptable. The visuals have been correctly done to take over the industry. Honestly, Selfie is a breath of fresh air in Kenya’s music industry. It is dope.

9. Fena Gitu – Steam

Released early in the year, Steam is a piece of dance music that will make you whine your body unapologetically. Fena is among Kenya’s female musicians who have maintained their relevance through sheer hard work, quality music and just being awesome. Listen to this great song and have the time of your life.

10. Akothee – Abebo

Akothee loves life. I feel good now that that is out there. Abebo awakens the Kenyan in you, Luoism to be specific. Having Kanungo tunes, Abebo is a song that will fill your body with goosebumps. Yes, it is that good. It has deep African tunes that transcend any form of the modern tune. It appeals to the patriotic self and your connection to your African roots. Listen to this song to have the time of your life.

11. Sauti Sol ft Toofan & UNikk Dance Mvmnt – Love on the Dance Floor

Love on the Dance Floor is a great creation featuring Sauti Sol, Toofan and UNiKK dance movement from Kenya. It is a dance jam that will voluntarily put you in motion and give you great satisfaction.

12. Bahati – Nyota

Bahati continues to release quality gospel music that appeals to the soul. Nyota is another lesson that teaches about Christianity. It is a celebratory song, a prayer of gratitude.

13. Ringtone – Kesho Yako

Ringtone is famous for his inspirational gospel songs. Kesho Yako is another dose of hope. It is a song suited for every age group as it talks about life and perseverance as you work towards your bright future, with God as the guide.

14. Willy Paul – Harambee

Harambee talks about committing oneself towards marriage. The persona, Willy Paul, is ready to hold A harambee to raise funds so that he can make things official with his better half. This is a great tune if you want to declare your commitment to your lover and are ready to take things to the next level.

15. Maggix Enga – Bubble Up

This is a club beat. It has great visuals and a well produced sound.

16. Atekwa ft Redsan – Timmy Tdat

Atekwe is the creation of two great Kenyan artists. Timmy T-dat infuses the Kenyan Genge vibe while Redsan spices things up with his dance hall tune, together they make a party out of this song. It is a great tune, with great visuals and lyrics.

17. Elani – Jinsi

Elani is a great group with exceptional vocals. Since their debut, they have released great hits. Jinsi is yet another love song from this group. It has unparalleled lyrical soundness, as well as great visuals. Out of 10, Jinsi scores 7, at least from where I sit. What do you think? Rate it out of 10.

18. Willy Paul ft Rayvanny – Mmmh

Willy Paul has been fighting for his place on the world map, with great tunes. Mmmh featuring Rayvanny is a hit. This great love song will melt your heart. It is a combination of two great singers.

19. Avril ft L Rice – Kitoko “Beautiful”

Nakuru born and raised Avril has been on the down low for a while now. Kitoko is a comeback and a good one at that. Featuring Congo’s finest L-rice, Kitoko is a tune that unites lingala and the modern Kenyan tune.

20. Gabu ft Mbosso – Mastory

This is a great collabo between Kenya’s finest, Gabu and Bongo’s fully fledged musician Mbosso. Mastory has been creatively produced and directed to meet today’s entertainment demands. It is a great tune on many levels.

The latest Kenyan songs mp3 downloads can be found in various music distribution platforms including Mdundo. These latest Kenyan music have lived up to the expectations of most Kenyans. Even though there is still more to be done, the existing content meets the status of good quality music


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