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Lodwar is the present county head town of Turkana County. Since it is centrally situated numerous individuals tend to move to this town for some administrations of which medicinal services is one of them. Since it is the main doctor’s facility in the whole district that has better human services offices, it hence serves referrals from other healing facility offices as a referral clinic.

Lodwar province hospital was once in the past known as Lodwar area clinic and is situated in Lodwar town along Lodwar – Lokichoggio thruway. It has a bed limit of 270 and 36 bunks.

The administrations offered at Lodwar district referral hospital incorporates:

Maternal and child health services.

Curative in – patient services.
Curative out – patients.

Antiretroviral therapy.

HIV/AIDs testing and counselling services.

Pharmaceutical services and equipment (pharmacy).

Laboratory services.

X – Ray provisions.

There are wards for men and women so as to cater for all the patients admitted to the hospitals for further assessment or close observations. There is also a theater for surgical procedures to take care of those who are admitted because of surgical implications and are then managed further after surgery

Out – understanding are those patients who accompany minor disease which are then treated and patients are permitted to return home in light of the fact that those sickness are not convoluted.

This doctor’s facility deals with moms and youngsters in a unit known as MCH (maternal and kid wellbeing) where there is antenatal centers for pregnant ladies, family arranging facility for postnatal moms and inoculation unit for kids younger than five years.

The far reaching care focus (CCC) and visit focus takes watch over those customers who result in these present circumstances healing facility for HIV testing and directing. Those customers who determined to have HIV/AIDS are then put under antiretroviral treatment and proceed with other administration.

The x – ray office deals with general body x – ray and ultra sound and different administrations, for example, research facility tests are additionally completed inside the healing center to help with making finding of different sicknesses. The drug store office is the one providing meds to the whole clinic organization and furthermore out-patients who purchase their medications on their way home.

Lodwar district referral hospital can be reached through:

Lodwar district referral hospital,

P.O. Box 18 – 30500, Lodwar, Kenya.

Phone number: 054 21073 or 054 21077

Mobile phone: 0711221164

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