Main Roles of Entrepreneurship in a Society

Entrepreneurship has been in existence in our societies ever since the invention in nobody knows when. Well, what are the Main Roles of Entrepreneurship in a Society? Enterpreneurship has some key roles and that’s exactly what we are up to today.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is simply the act of creating a business or more businesses while growing and scaling it to generate a profit.

However, as a fundamental entrepreneurship definition, it’s a bit limiting. The more modern entrepreneurship definition is also concerning transforming the world by creating answers to big problems in society. Like initiating social change, building an innovative product, or offering a new life-changing solution.

Important Roles of Entrepreneurship in a Society

Entrepreneurs Create Jobs

As entrepreneurs commence new businesses, they have to hire employees for running the business. These new companies/businesses become engines of job creation in our society. According to the Small Business Administration report, small businesses have created 62 percent of new jobs in America since the Great Recession.

Business Entrepreneurs build entirely new enterprises and chances for employment. Take, for instance, a football coach in Nebraska, US. He noticed that youthful athletes received their training when they were on the training field, but after they left the pitch, they got absolutely nothing. So, he created a brand business that obtained videos for all kinds of sports training and put them all together on a website. Now the ambitious athletes can get professional standard instructions and exercise anytime and anywhere at their leisure. This organization now has over 450 employees based in the United States and six foreign countries. None of these new jobs existed before this innovative coach in Nebraska started his business.

Helps in Wealth Creation and Sharing

By building the business entity, entrepreneurs spend their own resources and draw capital from investors, money angels, and the public.

This mobilizes public resources and enables people to benefit from the success of entrepreneurs and thriving businesses. This sort of pooled capital that results in wealth production and distribution is one of the primary imperatives and goals of economic growth.

Raise Standards of Living

Entrepreneurship is a long process. Entrepreneurs see a demand in the marketplace and use their innovative skills to find a solution in a given market. They start a new company and hire employees. The workers then earn an income, which they use in the local market. All of this builds wealth for the community and significantly raises the standard of living for the people involved.

Balanced Regional Development

Entrepreneurs setting up innovative businesses and new industrial units help the society with regional development by placing in less developed and undeveloped areas. The growth of commerce and business in these regions leads to infrastructure developments like stable electricity, better roads and rail links, airports, and clean water supply, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and other important public and private services that would otherwise not be available.

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Every newly built business that resides in a less developed locality will create both direct and indirect jobs for the people, helping lift local economies in several different ways. The total spending by all the new operators of the new companies and the supporting jobs in other different businesses adds to the local and even regional economic output.


 Any flourishing business will finally want to get started with exports of their services or products to expand their business venture to foreign markets. This is an essential ingredient of economic growth since it provides quick access to larger markets, and leads to currency inflows and easy access to the newest cutting-edge technologies and methods being used in more developed foreign countries. Another important benefit is that this development that leads to more solid business revenue during business downturns in the local economy. 


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