Marriage legal requirements in Kenya 2019-full list

Marriage in Kenya

Are you anticipating commending your marriage in Kenya ? Congrats! Be that as it may, before you can make the most of your exceptional day, you should meet some lawful prerequisites as per the workplace of Attorney General. Beneath, we have featured the necessities for marriage between Kenyans, marriage between a Kenyan and a nonnative, and marriage between remote nationals in Kenya.

The accompanying reports are required to enroll for marriage in Kenya.

Marriage Between Kenyans

1. Duplicates of recognizable proof cards and hued identification measure photographs (for the two gatherings) and Ksh 600.

NB* this will be for the notice which will keep running for 21days

2. After the 21-day see, if the service is to happen in the:

– Registrar’s Office– You will be required to pay Ksh 3,300, and after that given a marriage date as per the official journal.

– Church – you will be required to Pay Ksh 800 after the 21day notice to get a Registrar.

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A testament which will be issued seven days from that point

* Copy Pastor’s License and serial No. of the testament of marriage to be issued

3. Where the function should occur other than a congregation or Registrar’s Office e.g.

A Garden, lodging and so on a Special License is likewise expected to License the setting for a wedding regardless of whether see is legitimately given at an expense of Ksh. 7200.

– Pastor’s License-on the off chance that it is a congregation wedding

– Both sides to be available

Marriage Between Kenyans By Special

If you can’t give a notice for 21 days, the accompanying archives will be required.

1. Birth Certificates (Copies and Original)

2. ID cards or international IDs (Copies and Original)

3. Demonstrate that there is no hindrance to marriage e.g.

– Affidavits

– Death Certificate (For the situation of widowed people)- Copy and unique

– Divorce Decree Absolute. (On account of separated from people)- Copy and unique

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4. Shaded Passport measure photographs

5. An archived motivation to appear (demonstrate that you don’t have room schedule-wise to give a 21-day take note.

*Both gatherings to be available

* Copy Pastor’s License-if the marriage is led by a congregation serve and Serial No.

Marriage Between a Kenyan and a Foreigner


1. ID card/legitimate Kenyan passport(Copies and Original)

2. Shaded international ID measure photograph

3. Birth Certificate (Copies and Original)

4. Affirmation.

– Death Certificate (For the situation of widowed individual) – Copy and unique

– Divorce Decree Absolute (For the situation of separation individual) – Copy and unique


1. Legitimate international ID (Copies and Original)

2. Birth Certificate (Copies and Original)

3. International ID estimate photograph (Colored)

4. A Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage.

– Death Certificate. (On account of widowed individual)- or

– Divorce Decree Absolute. (On account of separation individual)- Copy and unique

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5. Return air ticket/visa/work allow.

*Both gatherings to be available

*Copy Pastor’s License-for a Church wedding and Serial No. of Certificate

Marriage Between Foreign Nationals in Kenya

1. Substantial travel papers (Copies and Original)

2. Travel permit measure photographs (Colored).

3. Birth authentications (Copies and Original)

4. Authentications of No Impediment to Marriage.

– Death Certificate. (On account of widowed individual) – Copy and unique

– Divorce Decree Absolute. (On account of separation individual) – Copy and unique

5. Return air ticket./Visa/Work allow

*Both gatherings to be available

For more data or questions, you can call the Office of The Attorney General in Kenya by means of +254701155955

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