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Each girl has been single at some point in their lifetime and sometimes it indicates in the way they go about their business.

The only females who are obviously not single are the ones wandering around sporting engagement or wedding rings.

Even though men have been booked to make the first move, some find it hard to approach a girl and start a conversation.

While some guys might be shy, they’re just scared of getting rejected, and those chances can be reduced dramatically by knowing the different types of single ladies in Kenya.

1. Miss independent

An independent lady is defined as the kind that doesn’t let men interfere or control their affairs. Such a lady believes typically that she doesn’t need a man in her life.

She knows how to dress in the latest fashion and look fresh all the time. She aspires to be better and gives everything she can to make it happen.

Independent ladies are known to make men crazy because they provide a challenge for men. Admirers have to work very hard to win the hearts of these ladies.

2. Desperados

These ladies are recognized to give anyone who pursues them a shot.

They will love the first couple of hookups since they relish that new date feeling. It may be to build up their personality or a result of boredom, but securing a new hook up is their high.

Another obvious trait is that they are scared to be alone. They are anticipated to be available for any plans and will readily kiss or enjoy intimacy on the first date.

Their want to be with someone exposes them to disastrous partners who may take advantage of their vulnerability.

3. Party malanis

Party animals are famous for their outgoing lifestyle which includes clubbing and consumption of lots of alcohol.

They are generally known to use the phrase ‘form ni gani, which loosely translates to “what’s the plan tonight?”

Girls of this nature are readily noticeable by a continuous state of hyperactivity, and they seem to know almost everyone at a party.

They are excellent storytellers owing to the numerous escapades they engage in. Their heavy indulgence draws men who pursue them for short term relations.

4. Celibate

Some women have dedicated their lives to serve God.

They don’t let the progress of men stray them from their spiritual journey.

Being raised in the church or being presented to faith has a strong impression on how they approach sex, whether in matrimony or premarital.

While some have engaged the rest of their lives to singlehood, some are waiting for a direct sign from God, to start dating.

5. Promiscuous/Sexually liberated

While the society looks down on promiscuous ladies, they think they are in control of their s3x lives.

For these kinds, all the rules around building a stable, lasting relationship go out the window. They engage in sexual contacts with whomever they want because it gives them a sense of power.

It also enables them to understand their needs better to experience sexual pleasure, something she sees several women forgo in long-term relationships.

They are very confident in themselves and are not embarrassed of their actions.

6. Single mothers

Some single mothers dodge the dating pool due to past sour experiences with men. Others develop so much love for their children that they have none left for dating.

Men who are infamous in siring children and leaving them contribute to the rise of single mothers.

In some situations, men also avoid dating women who are raising children since they claim the young ones are a burden.

7. Hopeless romantics

A hopeless romantic character is described as one who has idealist notions about relationships.

They perceive dating in a dream-like, wishy-washy, possibly unrealistic manner.

A desperately romantic girl would dream of a date like this
They make an idea up about love and are normally doomed to perpetually search for a relationship that will fill them, although their own expectations are not easy to fulfill.

8. Tomboy

A tomboy is a lady who exhibits characteristics or behaviors considered typical of a man.

These traits comprise wearing masculine clothing and engaging in games and activities that are deemed in many cultures to be the area of boys.

These qualities make them difficult to be approached because they are seen as ‘one of the guys.’

9. Clueless

These are girls who don’t even recognize when a man is hitting on them.

They understand all male advances as sweet gestures without reading into the motive behind the kind acts.

Their weakness to decipher social cues, often frustrate potential suitors.

10. Stuck up on the ex

Moving on after a break is difficult for many and some girls are unable to look away after a separation.

They find themselves trapped in a negative spiral of trying to figure out what went wrong.

These unprocessed emotions only hinder their chance of getting into another relationship.


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