Kajiado man marriage

To many people, holy matrimony is expressed as the adjoining of two souls in the closeness of God and their loved ones.

Nevertheless, to Tom, a man from Kisaju, Kajiado County, walking down the aisle means marrying the women you cannot imagine living without.

In a few photos seen by Exposeke.com, the man who has since turned into an overnight hero was located saying ‘I Do’ to the loves of his life.

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Heh and it was a huuuge wedding.

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Mtu na mabibi zake.

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Before you can correct me, no, I did not mean to say the love of his life snce the lucky chap had the rare chance to marry two women during one wedding ceremony.

If you think it is too strange, please imagine a lively crowd cheering him on like it was an everyday experience and his happy wives dancing in their bedazzled marriage dresses.

At some period, the blushing brides held on to their husband’s waist and danced like no one was following. As they say, sharing is caring.

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Nakuambia huyu hataki jokes. Team mafisi kando.

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Like any other white wedding you know of, there were groomsmen and bridesmaids, bright decorations and a celebration after the preaching.

A preacher man even prayed for the thropple, and their guests were so jubilant they could not help but broke into song and laughter.

The accomplished groom rocked a navy blue suit joined with Maasai ornaments while his superb brides flaunted their perfect figures in flowing wedding dresses.

Kenyans stamped him as an unsung hero who easily drove away from the demon of cheating by getting himself, two gorgeous brides.


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