Miguna Miguna attacks media, Matiangi from JKIA toilet

Miguna miguna

A correction to the compromised media.

Many aspects of reports in the local media are inaccurate and distorted.

No one gave me passport application forms to fill. I couldn’t have torn a document I was not given. What I was given and tore at 2:30pm on March 27, 2018 – not in the morning as falsely claimed by the despots and your compromised media – was a citizenship application form.

I am a Kenyan by birth who has never renounced his citizenship. Justice Luka Kimaru nullified Matiang’i’s illegal bureaucratic fiats relating to my citizenship and passport. He further ordered Matiang’i and Kihalangwa to deliver my VALID Kenyan passport to the court.

Justice Chacha Mwita also ordered Matiang’i and Kihalangwa to issue me with a new Kenyan passport without the requirement of applying for the same. Justice Mawita also ordered Matiang’i and Kihalangwa to FACILITATE my re-entry to Kenya as a Kenyan; not as a foreigner, tourist or visitor.

In addition, Matiang’i suspended visa requirements from visitors from western nations last month.

In other words, the despots are treating me far worse than they treat aliens.

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As well, I never made “a dash at the exit of the JKIA;” nor did I attempt to “leave the airport by force.”

The thugs in uniform and civilian clothes violently stopped me and Raila Odinga as we approached the exit. We were holding hands. H.E. Raila Odinga wasn’t speaking on the phone at the time.

I will never negotiate over my inalienable rights.

Citizenship by birth is a sancrosant right that I will never allow anyone to abrogate.

This is the third day I am being held in incommunicado illegal detention despite 10 court orders directing that I be released unconditionally.

Finally, the unfettered right of a citizen to hold a passport and travel in or outside the country unhindered is another right I will not negotiate over.

Dr. Miguna Miguna
Toilet at Terminal 2,
JKIA, Nairobi

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